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Branding Every small business aims to satisfy their customers so they can keep .ing back and be.e loyal customers. One of the most successful ways to get loyal customers is to offer a loyalty card program using custom printed key tags or plastic cards. Loyalty programs appeal to customers by making them feel valued and giving them great deals and discounts. Having repeat customers increases the potential for increased sales and revenue as well as helps you keep track of your customers’ buying habits. Starting a loyalty rewards program will create new business for you by promoting your .pany and increasing its visibility. Here are three ways to use loyalty programs to create new business: 1. Offer Buy 10 Get 1 Free Punch Key Tags or Cards People are always looking for ways to save money and get as much out of their money as possible. With this type of deal, you are enticing people to make a certain amount of purchases by offering them something free. An example is if you sell frozen yogurt, you can offer one free cup of frozen yogurt after the customer has purchased 10 cups. Each time a customer buys a cup of frozen yogurt, their plastic key tag or card is punched to indicate they made a purchase. Once their card has 10 punches, they get their free reward. This will keep your customer returning to your business because they are looking forward to receiving their free frozen treat! 2. Have Tiered Reward Levels This type of deal encourages customers to spend more money in order to receive a greater reward. An example is offering $5 towards a $25 purchase, $10 towards a $50 purchase, and $20 towards a $100 purchase. Offer a small reward as an incentive for your customers to sign up for your loyalty program. As customers continue being part of your program and making purchases, consider increasing the value of the rewards and benefits. 3. Create a Fun Game for Customers Everyone loves a good game so consider turning your program into a game for a limited time. For every 5 purchases your customer makes with their loyalty key tag or card, they receive their own game piece, such as a scratch off card or get to spin a wheel. Each card or wheel spin will give them a chance at winning a discount off their next purchase, a free gift card, or any other small prize you can offer. Make sure that your game is fair so customers won’t get upset if they don’t win. This is a really fun way to entice people to join your loyalty program. The more valuable and exciting incentives you offer, the more likely your program will attract new customers and retain loyal customers. Take some time to analyze your consumer demographics so you can .e up with the right rewards for them. Once you’ve decided how to run your program, create a unique design for your loyalty cards using key tags or plastic cards to attract your customers or let KeyTag1 help you create a custom design your customers will love. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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