59 coal mines after the focus of the land reclamation area of 3 years will be livable industry in th hhh49.com

59 coal mines in 40 major land reclamation area 3 years after the livable industry in September 13th, from the Provincial Department of news, "district comprehensive management of the geological environment governance special work program of Shanxi province coal mining subsidence (2016 – 2018)" promulgated, decided from the beginning of this year, for the mine geological environment governance of 59 coal mine 3 years of reclamation of 40 major land reclamation area, the coal mining subsidence area governance has become the new home happy people mine life beauty, ecological beauty, beauty, home of Da Sonomi, livable industry. According to the unified arrangements of the province, Shanxi Province Office of the special geological environment of coal mining subsidence area comprehensive management is responsible for carrying out the village after the removal of the existing buildings, land reclamation; land reclamation area is responsible for the comprehensive treatment of mine geological environment and geological disaster control and reclamation of coal mining subsidence on the complex. The main objectives and tasks of the geological environment management: 2016 – 2018, the completion of the geological environment of the key state owned coal mines and the reclamation of the land of the 40 key reclamation areas in the past 59 years. Including: 2016, 20 mine geological environment governance projects, historical environment comprehensive treatment of mine land reclamation rate of 12%; 15 key tasks of the reclamation area; mine geological environment and the key to start a detailed investigation of land reclamation area. This reporter has learned that the inclusion of the current governance objectives of the 59 coal mines from the "overall planning of mineral resources in Shanxi province (2008-2015)". At present, 40 key land reclamation areas have been identified, which are from the "overall planning of mineral resources in Shanxi province (2008 – 2015)", of which, the other is the non – coal mine control area, and the 33 is the coal mining area. (reporter Vivian Intern Jia Kangkang) source: Shanxi Evening News相关的主题文章:

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