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63 fraud suspects were escorted back to Kampuchea from more than 8 in Nanjing 20 in the evening, with a Chinese charter flights landed at Nanjing Lukou International Airport, 63 telecommunications network fraud suspects (Taiwan, 50 people, 13 people) by the public security organs escorted home from Kampuchea. Recently, the Kampuchea immigration administration according to the relevant clues China to Cambodia Ministry of public security working group to provide, in the capital Phnom Penh destroyed a telecommunications network fraud dens, arrested 63 suspects (50 people, 13 people, Taiwan), and seized a telephone, computer, voice gateway, walkie talkie, script and a number of fraud the tools of crime. Cambodia will inform China about the relevant cases. After preliminary investigation, the gang posing as public security organs, wantonly to call China mainland residents to implement telecommunications network fraud, the specific number of cases and the amount involved is under further verification. Because the victim is people from the mainland, and in the case of gang crime, in order to facilitate the whole case investigation, recover the stolen money, punish crime, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the victim, the 63 suspects were all back to China, according to the law, the Ministry of public security to the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau in Jiangsu province is responsible for the investigation of cases. In accordance with the relevant consensus reached by the two sides of the Straits, in accordance with the principle of helping crime strike, protecting the interests of victims and realizing judicial justice, the mainland public security organs have jointly attacked the criminal channels through the two sides of the Taiwan Straits and notified the relevant parties. It is understood that since November last year, Ministry of public security to carry out the management of telecommunication network against new illegal crime special action, the Ministry of public security has organized 17 working groups to Kenya, Malaysia, Kampuchea, Laos, Indonesia and other places to carry out police cooperation, destroyed a total of foreign telecommunications network fraud dens 65, captured 1168 suspects (including Taiwan 347 residents), solved more than 3300 cases, involving 710 million yuan. In particular, it is of great significance for the effective suppression of telecommunications network fraud to escort Taiwan suspects from Kenya, Malaysia, Kampuchea and other countries back to china. The responsible person of the Ministry of Public Security said that telecommunications network fraud crime seriously violated the security of the people’s property, has become a social pollution, the masses hate. Public security organs will be on the party and the people highly responsible spirit, to trace the source, heavy blow, to strengthen overseas law enforcement cooperation, and always maintain the telecommunications network fraud crackdown high pressure situation, and resolutely put terrorists brazenness, and effectively protect people’s property safety and legitimate rights and interests.

63名诈骗犯罪嫌疑人从柬埔寨被押解回南京 20日晚上8点多,随着一架中国民航包机降落在南京市禄口国际机场,63名电信网络诈骗犯罪嫌疑人(大陆50人、台湾13人)被公安机关从柬埔寨押解回国。近日,柬埔寨移民总局根据中国公安部赴柬工作组提供的相关线索,在该国首都金边捣毁一处电信网络诈骗犯罪窝点,抓获63名犯罪嫌疑人(大陆50人、台湾13人),缴获电话座机、电脑、语音网关、对讲机、诈骗剧本等一批作案工具。柬方即将案件相关情况通报中方。经初查,该犯罪团伙冒充公检法机关,大肆向中国大陆居民拨打电话实施电信网络诈骗,具体案件数量和涉案金额正在进一步核查中。由于受害人是大陆民众,且此案是团伙作案,为便于整案侦办、追缴赃款,依法惩处犯罪,切实维护受害人合法权益,中方将63名犯罪嫌疑人全部带回中国大陆依法处理,公安部指派江苏省南京市公安局负责案件侦办。按照两岸协商达成的有关共识,本着有利于打击犯罪、有利于保护受害人利益、有利于实现司法公正的原则,大陆公安机关已通过两岸共同打击犯罪渠道,将有关情况通报台方。据了解,自去年11月公安部部署开展打击治理电信网络新型违法犯罪专项行动以来,公安部已先后17次组织工作组赴肯尼亚、马来西亚、柬埔寨、老挝、印尼等地开展警务合作,共捣毁境外电信网络诈骗窝点65个、抓获犯罪嫌疑人1168名(其中台湾居民347人),破案3300余起,涉案金额7.1亿元。特别是将台湾犯罪嫌疑人从肯尼亚、马来西亚、柬埔寨等国押回中国大陆依法处理,对于有效遏制电信网络诈骗犯罪具有重要意义。公安部有关负责人表示,电信网络诈骗犯罪严重侵害人民群众财产安全,已经成为社会公害,广大群众深恶痛绝。公安机关将以对党和人民高度负责的精神,追查源头,重拳打击,加强境外执法合作,始终保持对电信网络诈骗犯罪高压严打态势,坚决把犯罪分子的嚣张气焰打下去,切实维护人民群众财产安全和合法权益。相关的主题文章:

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