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The biggest challenge to quitting drinking is going through the psychological and physical alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Almost every unsuccessful attempt can be attributed to an inability to handle these symptoms. Nervousness or edginess Anxiety Irritability and excitability Anger Hysterical outbursts Rapid mood swings Depression Mental Fatigue Inability to think clearly Clouded memory Nightmares .mon Physical symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include: Mild to severe headaches Excessive sweating, especially of the palms, feet or face Nausea Vomiting Reduced appetite Insomnia Pale appearance Palpitations Enlarged or dilated pupils Trembling Involuntary eyelid movements Severe symptoms may include deliriousness, fever, convulsions, and even death. The type and severity of symptoms vary from person to person. The pattern of symptoms experienced are usually dependent on the degree of dependence on alcohol, the number of years of dependence, the age at the time of alcohol withdrawal and the general physical health of the person. Supportive individual or group therapy can be very useful to help the patient follow through with the life changes necessary to stop drinking. There are many specialized centers that offer individual and group psychotherapy programs. Some voluntary organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) also offer such programs. Allopathic Drugs Benzodiazepines are .monly prescribed for alcohol withdrawal symptoms. However, they have to be tapered off over a period of 5-7 days, as symptoms subside. Other drugs like Disulfiram are generally prescribed to prevent relapses of drinking bouts. These react with alcohol in the system to produce symptoms like headache, nausea and difficulty in breathing, and thus act as a deterrent to drinking. These allopathic drugs should always be taken under the supervision of a medical doctor. Natural Remedies Natural alcoholism remedies are gaining immense popularity today. This is mainly because they have the ability to produce the same effects as allopathic medicines in terms of easing the withdrawal symptoms, without the side-effects. That means that natural remedies can be taken for longer durations and in higher doses if required. This has been translating into an increasing number of people finally being able to kick the habit! How a Good Alcoholism Kit of Natural Remedies Would Work: A good natural alcoholism kit of remedies should be able to do the following: Stabilize emotions Help soothe the nerves* Ease withdrawal symptoms Control cravings Supply the body with the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are depleted due to excessive alcohol consumption Help restore impaired metabolism and correct assimilation processes Help to clear toxins from the liver* For further information, or queries related to natural alcoholism treatment kits, kindly contact us at: 3 Things To Know About A Chiropractic Doctor! By: McKim Health Clinics – 3 Things to Know about a Chiropractic Doctor! A Dr of Chiropractic can offer solutions and .plement the care of your primary physician. Find a chiropractic doctor that will take care of the root of the problem, not just cover up the symptoms. Tags: Chiropractic Office Offers Tips: Playing In The Snow Part Ii. 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