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Alon Holliday is a highly educated and hardworking person who was raised in Freeport, Long Island by Marguerite Holliday and Herbert Lawrence. Freeport is a beautiful village that is located on the southern shore of Long Island within the town of Hempstead. Talking about academic qualifications, Alon Holliday has a Doctorate in Educational Administration from Dowling College located in Shirley, New York. Before this he received his Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Philosophy from Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts and then Master of Public Administration from Post Long Island University in Brookville, New York. His earlier education included his attending LA Salle Military Academy where he did very good in both academics and sports. He used to attend St. Paul school which is located in Garden City but after he moved to West Hempstead at the age of 15 he joined West Hempstead High School from where he eventually graduated. Alon Holliday is an ideal member and a responsible citizen of the society who believes that society has given us everything and we should give back as much as we can. Being an extremely hardworking person he follows a very hectic work schedule which leaves him very little free time. But in spite of having such a busy schedule he still ensures that he is able to get some time out for social work. Alon Holliday is involved with many philanthropic activities and actively supports various charitable organizations that work for good causes. He is totally .mitted to helping these organizations achieve their missions and supports them in every possible way. In an attempt to help school children in planning their future path in a better way he planned and developed a school based career development program at the Suffolk County .munity College. He was also involved in actively supporting a major gift giving campaign in the same college. This campaign proved to be extremely successful and was able to generate a total of around $5 million gifts. He has been involved in many great events and has always .e forward for the betterment of the society whenever the chance presented itself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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