and it is a custom that she is embellished with gold from head to toe. Asia has one of the most traditional rituals 无人便利店涉违建 巴勒斯坦总统访华

Relationships People carry out weddings as a true cultural picture, and a depiction of customs and trends on this eventful day. Asia is the biggest continent of the world with many diverse cultures in it, starting from Middle East until Japan the Far East. Gold is considered to be the most precious and valuable metal in Asian countries and on weddings, brides wear either a single gold set or two or even three! Gold jewellery is also preferred because of traditional as well as regional reasons. According to a certain belief of ancient people, gold conveys the message of ones feeling like love, power, marriage and hierarchy. Mostly the traditional jewellery in Asian countries is hand-made. This article gives you an over view of the type of the Asian wedding jewellery. The jewelleries worn by the bride in the Asian countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India are very elaborate, with large designs. Most of the people prefer to have solid gold jewellery with a little addition of pearls, and other precious stones, and colourful beads. In Asia, the brides used to wear only gold or platinum in the past but now this has changed. Now brides wear jewellery in gemstones as gemstones are available in a variety of colours. In fact, in some Asian countries, they adorn the bride with the jewellery of her birthstones. This is a very common culture of some Asian countries. The necklace that a bride wears, which is generally made of gold alone with fine design, and in some cases, it has an addition of semi-precious stones and beads. In the old days, the bride used to wear a three-layered necklace, which was long enough to reach her navel. In most of the cases, the bride is wearing more than one necklace. The next jewellery item that the bride wears is the earrings. The earrings are matched with the necklace, and they are also very big and quite heavy at times. The design is same as that of one of the necklaces. She also wears gold bangles as well as rings in almost all her fingers. The jewellery of a woman describes her, whereas for an Asian woman, her wedding is the best day of her life, as she wears the most, and the best of jewellery she perhaps ever will in her life. Her jewellery embodies her as well as her culture, and traditions. Many brides like to wear the jewellery of her mother, which they had worn on their wedding day, and it is considered to be liked by everyone, as the traditional gold jewellery has its own importance. Besides gold, kundan is traditional jewellery, which is gracefully moulded into jewellery. In Mughal era, kundan jewellery was very fashionable in Asia and people still follow the institution of kundan jewellery. In short, a bride is incomplete without her excessive gold jewellery, and it is a custom that she is embellished with gold from head to toe. Asia has one of the most traditional rituals, which are practiced on weddings, and this is one of them. Although the trends are somewhat changing, and people have started to prefer simple, and elegant jewellery whereas gold is going out of trend, and stones are taking its place. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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