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Finance Again I’m on fire about advice from online "Experts" who love to bad mouth the Roth IRA. They continually claim that the Traditional IRA is a better investment because you get to take a tax deduction on your contribution. I might agree if all you were going to do was park money in the thing and hope it grows, or leave it with your banker or some broker who will guarantee you 3% or less on your money! Granted, that is what a lot of folks do with their IRAs, and if you are not going to learn to get pro-active with it, then sure, park your money in a traditional and squeak by on what Uncle SAM pays you (if he is even paying anymore when you reach retirement) on social security. You’ll have a few hundred bucks or so in your IRA that you can pull out when your tax rate is zero – because your life-style is Zero! What kind of retirement plan is that? Let me share an experience with you from someone who really understands the power of the Roth. This person opened a Roth IRA up with only $250 in it. They put an option down on a house for $100 with the trust money (their Roth IRA money). The Roth (well actually the person did this, but technically their Roth made the investment) then flipped the home to a buyer and pocketed over $10,000 on the deal! With a Roth you can do real estate deals, trading, buy businesses, and anything you can do with a traditional 401k. If you have a qualified plan now with an employer, or a former employer, you might look into rolling it over to a third party administrator like Equity Trust where you will have more options on what you can do with YOUR money. Again, you can do the same thing with traditional tax qualified plans, but with the Roth, whatever you earn inside of it will be TAX FREE! I know of ones who have made hundreds of thousands of dollars trading and doing other investments inside of their Roths! The reason you have so many nay sayers out there is because they only look at what they can contribute to the IRA (and the immediate deduction for contributions), and not what the potential of the account really is. If they did, how could they possibly think the traditional is better? Let’s see, zero taxes verses taxes (at any tax rate!). You make the call. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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