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Arts-and-Entertainment In a recent report Google announced that there are more than 3 billion applications downloaded from Android market. This shows the popularity of Android apps amongst people and its boosting popularity amongst the mobile users. There are many users of Android apps around the world and the population is still growing. The application makers are also very active on their part; they are creating new applications according to the popularity and need of the application in order to fulfill the demand of the application in the market. The number of Android users in around the world is expected to grow to a much higher level in .ing generations. Experts have created sites that review new Android apps in the market. There are many new applications that are being created by the developers it includes applications that will help people to print directly from their phone. These kinds of applications will be of great help in future. A new application geo coaching is going to change the lives of people. In this game people can find the hidden treasures of other people using GPS. With the help of GPS and clues left by people one can find the hidden treasures of other people. It is an adventurous game and people who like adventure will love this game. Its popularity is growing day by day. It can be played by forming groups and clubs. The difficulty level depends on the interest of the players. The developer of this game are gamin coaching. The clues and hints of the game can be found be using a map. The leading .pany Hewlett Packard has joined in the .petition with its latest HP print service. These kind of Android apps are going to provide great benefit to the Android phone users as now they can directly print their files and document using the print service of their phone. It not only prints documents but images can also be printed using this application. In America, there is only one bank that offers its service in form of application and that bank is Bank of America. This application was started in year 2008. Now that the Android popularity is growing, other banks are also working on introducing their Android apps in the Android market. Smartphone users are very satisfied with services of the Android Market. Its popularity is widely growing amongst the young generation as they can access to number of Android apps in the Android Market. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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