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Computers-and-Technology Android tablets are hot right now and are already fulfilling many peoples online needs by being portable powerhouses capable of allowing users to enjoy music, video, ebooks and the net wherever they may be. Tablets represent a huge challenge to laptop PCs because they generally have a much longer battery life so dont need a power outlet, and are so compact and light that they can be carried anywhere with the minimum of fuss. Folks are already loving the connectivity that their tablet allows them, but as with any technology things are always changing and here lets look ahead to 9 features that Android tablets could have in the future: 1.Integrated GPS This would allow your tablet to act as a satellite navigation system, or perhaps as a data logger to record your travels. This feature would give you yet another excuse to ditch extra devices and stick with just a tablet! 2.Multi touch screens This type of touchscreen allows you to make multiple selections at once or pinch to zoom images to expand them. This is already available on some, but expect to see it as standard in the future. 3.Faster processors At the moment we can see that processors running at around 700MHz are easily adequate, but as apps evolve and we make more demands on our tablets then dont be surprised to see processors growing faster. 4.3G connectivity from SIM Most tablet PCs have WiFi, but what happens if you want to connect to the net outside, say from a hilltop? A 3G connection via a SIM card that you just charge with money would give you a permanent internet connection. Just imagine the possibilities! 5.Upgradeable Luckily most tablets can upgrade their version of Android OS, one of the benefits of Googles OS, so make sure that yours is future-proof before you buy so you dont miss out on new versions of Android. 6.Higher resolution screens The better your resolution the better experience you will have, especially when reading eBooks where youll want to avoid eye-strain. Expect 1024 x 600 pixels to be the minimum standard. 7.More internal memory or memory expansion slot Newer devices always need more memory to cope with advancements in software, so expect future tablets to come with larger amounts of memory or at least a memory card slot that will allow you to expand their memory personally. 8.USB port Crucial if youre planning on connecting your device to a flash memory card or HDD. Heavy users of different material such as pdfs should make sure theyve got USB connectivity. 9.Camera You might wonder why a camera would be necessary on a tablet, but they are so compact that there is no reason why you couldnt use them as a portable video-calling device, or just take snaps and upload them to Facebook or other places immediately. The great news is that many tablets around today already have some of these features, so you wont go wrong if you buy one now. You may find that the ability to upgrade your tablet with memory or software is what makes it truly future-proof, so bear that in mind when shopping. To find the highest-quality, but best value tablets you need to go online, find a reputable store and purchase from them. Then you will save literally hundreds of dollars over the high street! About the Author: Keep your finger on the pulse of Android tablets . 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