Art Museum opened to the public on the bus with the art on the road huangshexiaoshuo

To let the passengers on the bus museum with art on the road "bus Museum" is the Lithuania artist Algis Kri?? I NAS north and Kaunas (Lithuania city) a local bus company Kautra cooperation, the artist put a car into a bus traveling art riotous with colour. The bus reform in the series contains a total of 8 different pop style body, including just got up the Black Knight, also has exposed the queen of england. "In this dark period of time, we need more color, positive things, I am very pleased to make the city more beautiful, more attractive. At the same time, we also want to prove to everyone through this project, public transport is also very modern, cutting-edge." Linas CEO Skard iukas, said Kautra. This activity will continue until the end of this year, this is the first time Lithuania will pop art and the combination of public transportation project. "I was a bit surprised when I got the call, but I was happy to be part of this unconventional activity. I think this should be the first Lithuania pop art used in the bus, and even the whole world first. I want people to notice my work, bring them joy, and I think we did it." To be in deep anxiety day seems like a year。 Life will be easier if you look good. The Queen’s confession. The carnival song. Scuba kiss. Translation: Ye Qing相关的主题文章:

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