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Developments In Asbestos Surveys Sydney Posted By: Kieran White For a number of years, asbestos is a problem that’s been around, ever since it was discovered how dangerous asbestos is, and how it takes decades for the consequences of exposure to come to fruition. To insure that the builder is aware of potential risks from asbestos, an asbestos survey in Sydney is necessary. Done during the development process, this ensures that if work is conducted on the building, people are aware that asbestos is present, thereby reducing the chance of exposure. If accidental exposure occurs it may leave the builder, and potentially the owner liable for compensation through litigation. Many houses and buildings in Sydney contain asbestos, and when renovating or refurbishing care must be taken to ensure people are not exposed to asbestos related health risks. An asbestos survey in Sydney, should be carried out by all builders doing major refurbishments or renovations. While in the short term it can seem an unneeded expense to renovation cost, the survey only seeks to protect the health and well-being of workers and the public involved throughout the process.

asbestos inspections sydney Asbestos Management Services For All Buildings Constructed Prior To The Year 2000 Posted By: Hollie Moon Many health risks are associated with asbestos, which, in the past, was used as a material in the construction of many homes and offices. Fortunately, today, the health risks are known, and there is something that the property owner is able to do to reduce the risk to their health. Buildings that were constructed prior to the year 2000 may have been built using asbestos. If you are a business owner that is conducting their business in a building that was constructed prior to the year 2000, then you definitely must take concern. The dangers of asbestos are a risk to all members of the company and a health risk that the business owner must be aware of and not overlook. The law also regulates that all business owners are obligated to manage asbestos. This is to protect the individuals within the company so that their health is not at risk. For companies that are conducting business in building where asbestos was used as a building material in its construction, the asbestos management is necessary and must be performed.

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