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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Whilst online shopping has been making it huge and all successful in the western countries, it took sometime for the same to establish in India. The reasons for the same are numerous. The major reasons were cyber literacy and the penetration of computing systems. Lately, with the evolution of internet technology and its uses, online shopping is gaining prominence in the Indian subcontinent and also in the small town regions. With more and more people opting in for online shopping, people today are no longer inhibited about authenticity and security of online transactions. All you need to do is shop online from a well acclaimed online website. However, one of the factors that have accelerated the pace of online shopping in India is the advent of the cash on delivery option. Under this option consumers need not pay the price of the product at the time they are shopping. As and when the product reaches the residence of the concerned buyer, he/she can pay it directly to the person who delivers the same. The consumer is given the product bill/invoice that states the total amount, product code as well as the order number. The same document is shared online as soon as a consumer finalizes the deal. The cash on delivery concept is reminiscent of the yester years when the postman came to the residence conducting any required monetary transaction. Most importantly cash on delivery option is apt for the consumers who are not proficient with online transactions using their debit or credit cards. There are also cases when a consumer does not want to share their financial details online for various privacy concerns or they could be having inhibitions about monetary dealings online. At the same time, this option works best for individuals who do not want to opt in for the tedious procedures of demand drafts and cheques. However, cash on delivery shopping sites have understood this customer mindset and are earning high revenues based on this payment model. Previously, this option was available only for goods within a stipulated price range and was limited to few websites such as online books and music. Today consumers can even opt in for fashion accessories, attires, bags, watches, mobiles, household appliances, consumer durables, festive buys, lifestyle goods and many others by paying the cash on delivery. So if you still have not tried online shopping yet, opt in for it today and grab the best deals. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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