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Babe network CTO Yu attended the meeting on technical ECS Yunxi survival –IT– original title from the perspective of business: Beibei network CTO Yu attended the meeting from Yunxi Jiajie business based on technical rules of survival in the new network on 14 October, October 13th, the "flying? Evolutionary Apsara Evolution" as the theme of the 2016 Hangzhou Yunxi conference held? Yunqi town in Hangzhou. This lasted 4 days, including 10 summit and more than 90 industry and Technology Forum of industry technology event, focus on cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, VR technology, describes the development of cloud computing trends and show the ecological panoramic blueprint, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence development. Maternal electricity supplier leader, CTO Yu Jiajie babe network was invited to attend the summit and delivered a durable growth after savage run in the name of technology philosophy? "Beibei under the rapid development of the theme of the speech. Yu Jiajie said, babe network technology is based on the business development of the rules of survival is Full Speed (full) and Full Stack (full stack). In his opinion, a platform to realize the value of technology, we must first ensure that the "alive", and accept the product scheme is not perfect, then in the process of rapid and low cost to complete the commercial trial iterative, continuous delivery of value, and realize the transformation of the business model, namely "Full Speed". In the era of mobile providers, engineers need to understand the entire value chain delivery, responsible for the user, namely "Full Stack" Yu Jiajie believes that with the rapid development of business, the value of technology to come from, where to go, is the new era of electricity providers under the technology problems. Is the biggest babe network China maternal electricity supplier platform, occupy the vertical electricity supplier in the field of 70% market share. At the same time, the establishment of two years of rapid growth for the DAU Chinese babe network TOP5 into the Jingdong in addition to Ali, the second camp. As recently as October 11th second, babe Network hosted the annual meeting — China maternal industry summit 1500 maternal, maternal and infant industry professionals gathered together to discuss the development of the industry. Yunxi assembly and Chinese maternal summit is held every year in Hangzhou at the beginning of the October industry event. It is reported that the current network is to build "Beibei mother economy" as the core of the family shopping entrance, and lead the industry to build 10 trillion large vertical market. Big data based on mom’s mother bear is babe network decision, also is one of key technology of beibei. (commissioning editor: Zhu Chuange, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章:

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