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Home-Improvement For any home painting job you’ll need to acquire some good quality, basic painting tools. These are the sort of tools you’ll be able to use to complete most painting jobs successfully. Drop Sheets The first thing you’ll need is something to cover any floors (or furniture) of the rooms you’re painting. While you can use old sheets, sometimes they’re too porous and let paint spills ooze through. You’re much better off purchasing some large durable drop sheets. These come in many different sizes, but if you’re working with a budget it’s best to get a couple of big ones which can be folded when necessary for painting smaller spaces. Good Quality Paint Brushes Along with your drop sheets you’ll need good quality paint brushes of a couple of sizes (one narrow and another wider one). When it comes to painting tools, paint brushes are a necessity, and you shouldn’t skimp when it comes to price. A cheap paintbrush is one that’s most likely going to lose its bristles whilst you’re in the process of painting, and there’s nothing more annoying than having to pick loose bristles off a freshly painted wall. Paint Trays and Rollers Finally, paint rollers provide an efficient way of painting walls and large areas quickly and neatly. Depending on your height and/or the height of the ceilings, you may also need to purchase roller extenders, which reduce the need for ladders when painting ceilings and the top of walls. Many rollers come in packs with paint trays included. Masking Tape Finally, ensure you have some good masking tape for protecting door and window frames, cornices, and any other regions you want to avoid getting paint. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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