Beijing – VIDEO – Hongkong industry and Commerce women to celebrate the 67 anniversary of the Nation-shuyue

Beijing – VIDEO – Hongkong business women held a luncheon to celebrate the 67 anniversary of Hongkong women’s business community held a luncheon to celebrate the 67 anniversary of Hebei play to promote social progress [comment] in September 9th, the Hongkong business community women held to celebrate the People’s Republic of China set up 67 weeks in a luncheon. The chief executive of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, Mrs Van Sherite, member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, and more than a hundred women from all walks of life. Hongkong women’s business community to celebrate the 67 anniversary of preparatory committee director Zhou Lili said in his speech, the country was founded 67 years ago, after hard work, a remarkable achievement has been made in all aspects of social and economic development, comprehensive national strength and international influence are significantly improved. The return of Hongkong for 19 years, in the dual advantages of a country "and" two systems ", has been with the national development, actively participate in the economic construction of the mainland, the state also provides a solid backing for the prosperity and development of Hongkong. I believe in the country’s new round of reform and development process, Hongkong can continue to play the advantages of talent, capital, professional services, and make greater contributions to the prosperity of the country and Hongkong. Women in Hongkong will also continue to work hard to develop their talents and promote social progress. The same period [] Hongkong business director of the Organizing Committee of the 67 national women celebrate the anniversary of Zhou Lili Hongkong women’s business community has always been actively involved in economic and social affairs, and strive to play their talents to promote social progress. In the future, the business sector will still encounter many challenges in women’s work and development, but we can trust a female strong flexible trait to overcome difficulties, work hard and care for his family, continue to maintain social stability and harmonious development. Reporter Yan Ren Baoyu Hector Kay in Hongkong相关的主题文章:

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