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Control of blood pressure, healthy life – Zhang Shidan Liu Lifeng, Sohu health, Wang Shouli, No.306 Hospital of PLA, cardiovascular medicine brand quality management office Zuo Tianyu editor of adult hypertension is a kind of genetic and environmental factors caused by interaction of disease. The prevalence of hypertension in China was 18.8%, "three high" and "three low" characteristics of China’s hypertension, which refers to the three high prevalence rate, high mortality and high disability rate; three low to low awareness rate, treatment rate and control rate is low low. High blood pressure has a significant genetic predisposition, and it is estimated that at least 20%~40% of the blood pressure variability in the population is genetically determined. Epidemiological studies have shown a significant familial aggregation of hypertension. Environmental factors play an important role in early life: fetal malnutrition leads to low birth weight, weight gain, high dietary salt, and moderate alcohol consumption. How to diagnose hypertension? Blood pressure fluctuated, can be temporarily increased, but still to decline and return to normal, blood pressure and emotional, mental stress, anxiety and physical activity, rest or elimination of incentives can decrease blood pressure, a significant change in blood pressure or the same day. Doctors can not simply through a high blood pressure to diagnose hypertension, should be repeated in different periods of blood pressure measurement more than 3 times. The symptoms of hypertension hypertension by the invisible killer attacks, can not have any symptoms, most patients can also increase blood pressure without any symptoms, few people will feel dizziness, headache and fatigue, and the severity of symptoms of low blood pressure and inconsistent. Left ventricular hypertrophy has harm of hypertension, cardiac hypertrophy cause and aggravate myocardial ischemia, angina, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia and other events; cerebral artery obstruction caused by hypertension, speech and limb movement disorder, causing severe cerebral hemorrhage, if blood pressure is reduced by 6 mmHg, the risk of stroke is reduced by 34%. Long term hypertension caused by renal dysfunction, diastolic blood pressure decreased by 5 mmHg, the risk of uremia decreased by about 25%. Long term high blood pressure causes retinal hemorrhage, vision loss, and even blindness. Reasonable control of hypertension positive control of blood pressure: under the guidance of a doctor of oral medicine, regular monitoring of blood pressure, blood pressure fluctuations such as timely treatment, effective control of blood pressure under the guidance of a doctor, to prevent the continuous blood pressure on the body caused by recessive and irreversible damage, reduce the occurrence and death of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Healthy life four cornerstones: (1) dietary sodium intake per day should be less than 2.4 G (equivalent to 6 g sodium chloride), edible contains potassium rich fruits (bananas, oranges) and vegetables (rape, amaranth, letinous edodes, jujube), reducing dietary fat, protein and dietary supplement quality fiber (coarse grains, sweet potato), Shaoshiduocan, with less Green Tea, morning drink oat. (2) the right amount of activity: middle-aged and elderly patients with hypertension can choose to walk, jog, stairs, cycling and so on, exercise intensity varies from person to person, exercise heart rate should not exceed the maximum heart rate (170~18).相关的主题文章:

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