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Automobiles The economy is surely getting better, as evidenced by some of the worlds biggest car brands posting recovered sales numbers. One of the leading producers so far in 2011 is Kia, who has posted gains from the beginning of the recession through today. But the luxury market is the niche well look at today, where your Fairfax Audi dealer is making a killing. Audi has had a strong start to 2011, posting record sales numbers during the month of January. Between Audi, Mercedes and BMW, it looks like premium cars are getting a huge boost in confidence from the driving market. The January numbers skyrocketed 23 percent over last year for Audi, with a total sales output of 95,400 units. These numbers bode well for Audi as to how the brand will perform over the course of the rest of the year, and the brand has some big things .ing. For one, the .pany has definitely moved to more sustainable forms of driving as the entire industry shifts to more fuel-efficient engines. This is a big progression for the luxury market, which lagged at the beginning of the green driving movement but has picked up speed as the years pass. Your Chantilly used car dealer has also noticed Audis big gains, evidenced by strong sales of some of the brands flagship vehicles. Another interesting factor in the January sales numbers posted by Audi is the performance of the brands SUV segment. It would seem that the emergence of engine technology that can handle large cars more efficiently has returned some consumer interest to SUVs, and your Audi dealer, Fairfax located, is benefiting as a result. According to a recent article posted at Live Trading News, The strong start to the year for the two Bavarian producers followed record January sales reported by Daimlers (BER:DEI) Mercedes-Benz marquee last week. The Premium carmakers are seeing demand for their cars rise among new customers in emerging markets such as China, India and Russia, even as sales recover in Europe and the USA. This is great news for your Chantilly used car dealer who is seeing some of this interest siphoning off from the new car market. The luxury market as a whole is gaining a lot of insight into its customer base through newly opened and leveraged social media channels that help establish a dialogue with their customers. Effectively using integrated marketing strategies is a great way to help further establish your brand. In the end, your Fairfax Audi dealer expects to see the sales trend continue well into 2011 as the industry and economy continue to rebound. The launch of electric vehicles over the course of this year will also have a heavy influence on the progression of the market, and while Audi isnt playing in this field yet, you can expect to see some electric models at your Chantilly used car dealer in the .ing years. For now, well have to work with hybrid technology and see how far that can get us. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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