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Chen Liyi restored 55 "open" antecedents and consequences: character straight did not think too much Chen Liyi February 2nd Beijing time on the show, Tianjin women’s volleyball team [micro-blog] as a guest recording "ten crown, sports hero road" broadcast, host talked about who had troubled Chen Liyi 55 to open the topic of public opinion. Chen Liyi has been out of trouble on the controversial topic of the antecedents and consequences, said the end of the game just excited, his character is too straight not to think too much. Tianjin, China 2 through 81, after 10 years of 3 eventually won the national championship, coach Wang Baoquan and Chen Liyi were called the "Tianjin Women’s volleyball team spirit". After winning the championship, Chen Liyi was excited to tears when interviewed with the camera. At that time a lot of emotion, review the scene, Chen Liyi said: "he is in this season first served as the captain of this identity, there is a six round of the main ground. The regular season, he did not feel the pressure will be so big, but behind the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, more and more important, slowly pressure ah, including some public opinion may be growing, is not thought of before pressure on yourself." Chen Liyi said this pressure of public opinion is undoubtedly that "55 open" interview. The host did not avoid the topic, but directly to introduce the antecedents and consequences of Chen Liyi. Chen Liyi smiled and said: "I have to think otherwise, while such a thing." After a joke, Chen Liyi face this topic: "after the fact is at the end of the game, he went to a telephone link, then perhaps fans asked" and the national team to play the game, you will see how that will open a few ", but also because at that time, the game has just ended, you may be excited, my personality is relatively straightforward that themselves may not think too much, say a 55. In fact, I was also thinking, because they are engaged in competitive sports, in fact, the field is like the battlefield, everyone standing on the field will fight, want to win, want to win. I think the athletes, they may be bloody, and the game is also an attitude, I think it is better to kill each other, not to frighten the other to death. It may not have to worry too much at the time, and then put this (55.) the words out, but I think the words spilled out of the water." (Qiu Qiu)

陈丽怡还原“五五开”前因后果:性格直没想太多 陈丽怡在节目中   北京时间2月2日,天津女排[微博]做客天视体育录制《十冠王・英雄路》的节目播出,主持人谈到了那个曾困扰陈丽怡的五五开舆论话题。已走出困扰的陈丽怡谈到了这个争议话题的前因后果,表示比赛刚结束比较激动,自己性格太直没想太多。   天津闯过八一、江苏两关,最终时隔3年第十次夺得全国联赛冠军,主教练王宝泉和陈丽怡被誉为天津女排的“队魂”。夺冠之后,陈丽怡在面对镜头接受采访时激动落泪。当时感慨颇多,回顾这个镜头,陈丽怡坦言:“自己也是在这个赛季第一次担当队长这个身份吧,还有就是主接六轮一传。常规赛时,自己没有觉得压力会有这么大,但是到后面比赛越来越激烈,越来越重要的时候,慢慢的压力呀,包括有些舆论可能会越来越大,对自己的压力是之前没有想到的。”   陈丽怡所说的这个舆论压力无疑就是那个“五五开”的采访。主持人没有回避这个话题,反而直接让陈丽怡来介绍一下前因后果。陈丽怡笑言:“我得好好想一想,要不然一会儿又出现这样的事情。”   一句玩笑过后,陈丽怡直面这个话题:“其实就是在比赛结束之后,自己去参加了一个电话互动的环节,然后可能就是球迷问到‘和国家队打比赛,自己会怎么看,会几几开’,也是由于当时比赛刚刚结束,自己比较激动,可能我自己的性格也是比较直率的那种,可能自己没有想太多,就说了一个五五开。其实我当时也在想,因为都是从事竞技体育,其实赛场就如战场,每个人站在场上都会拼,都想胜利都想赢。我觉得竞技运动员吧,可能都会有血性,而且比赛也是一种态度,我觉得宁可让对方打死,也不能让对方吓死。所以可能自己当时也没有去顾虑太多,然后就把这个(五五开的)话说出去了,但是我觉得说出去的话泼出去的水了。”   (小邱)相关的主题文章:

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