China brand first to conquer the limits in S5 topped zibba

China brand first to conquer the limits in S5 topped recently, "vitality (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) in S5 (Youth daring ginseng, pictures, inquiry) limits intellectual driving trip smoothly through the" Earth’s ear "in Lop Nor, arrived in Urumqi, the perfect ending. S5 in full power, excellent control, intelligent technology, space configuration and other design "five crown of pure SUV nature, in this journey, the Gobi youth, gravel desert, wading, meadow and other western regions in complex road conditions, has been demonstrated and verified the most incisive. Absolute power limit violence in hippocampal S5 highlight the blue sky and white clouds, the original sand big beautiful than Biquan, very complex road environment, also bring great challenges to the performance of vehicle. As everyone knows, each rising 300 meters above sea level, engine power is reduced 1%, the terrain is more complex in the Xinjiang area, with an average altitude of 800-1000 meters, in order to calculate it, the engine power will decline 3% or even higher. But from the actual performance in S5, the maximum power 120kW are equipped with 1.5T turbocharged engine, maximum torque of 223N – m, and without any signs of lack of power, collocation VVT variable valve timing technology, can provide effective protection for engine operating conditions in the air is thinner, the temperature is low, in extreme environments still show "absolute violence". In the upper surface of the gearbox, Belgian PUNCH third generation CVT automatic transmission and 6MT transmission in S5 is also equipped with driving provides two kinds of texture completely different for the very difficult journey, perfect withstood the brutal test. Born in S5 professional show solid chassis in S5 before the adoption of Mcpherson and after five link independent suspension, including the former Mcpherson independent suspension has the characteristics of simple structure, good comfort, and the structure is more accurate, more accurate positioning after five link independent suspension four link independent suspension such as trumpchi GS4 the more comfortable effect, can greatly reduce the various extreme conditions, before and after the direction of force of road, but also to ensure the stability of linear driving, acceleration and braking comfort and comfort have been further improved. On the basis of before and after the four wheel independent suspension, the hippocampus S5 also added a large size horizontal stabilizer bar, increase the rigidity of the front and rear suspension, so as to stimulate greater off-road performance, supplemented by the Japanese TEIN company specializing in chassis tuning, so very smooth exit through the heart. The face of Gobi, gravel, desert, wading, meadow and other difficult road, hippocampus S5 team dash, Rulvpingdi, the successful completion of the long distance across the desert, proved its excellent off-road performance and ability to conquer the peak limit. The perfect experience in S5 highlights the very wise technology in intelligent technology configuration, hippocampal S5 has always been "generous", how many black technology, the intelligent configuration in Xinjiang very difficult journey also play a very important role. For example, the hippocampus S5 equipped with ESP body electronic stability system, HHC ramp start auxiliary, MASR+MSR acceleration anti-skid and torque control technology, in the face of changing terrain road conditions, can still maintain excellent direction,!相关的主题文章:

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