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China Navy NEW 6 tons comprehensive survey grade marine survey ship into the column (Figure) Deng Jiaxian Deng Jiaxian ship into the column according to the naval ship into the column "contemporary" news February 3rd, February 2nd, Deng Jiaxian naval ship into the column named flag presentation ceremony was held in Zhoushan a certain port column, the East China Sea Fleet Combat Support ship ship detection detachment brigade, officially joined the people’s Navy battle. According to reports, the world ship is a new ocean survey ship developed by China’s production of the ship, with a displacement of 6000 tons, 5 state comprehensive survey work, State 9 can sail in any area except the polar ice and safety, maximum wind resistance level 12. The equipment including marine meteorological observations, hydrographic survey, marine surveying and mapping work, survey and a number of auxiliary survey system, comprehensive survey of marine surveying and mapping ability with a higher degree of automation, operation area, large span, can be in different depth and geographical environment of the sea all-weather investigation measure, marking the marine survey industry in China from the implementation of the coastal waters to the ocean, high efficiency and low efficiency from single factor to multi factors, leapfrog development to a wide range of stereo homework assignments from the point, line, is to achieve the normalization of ocean Navy trailbreaker survey. January ship belongs to 636A type measuring ship, hull number 874, built by Wuhu new shipyard Chery. Before the three the ship were Zhu Kezhen Tsien Hsueshen and qiansanjiang ship, ship ship. Currently, two of the 636A are already in operation.

中国海军新型6千吨级海洋综合调查测量船入列(图) 邓稼先船入列 邓稼先船入列   据《当代海军》2月3日消息,2月2日,海军邓稼先船入列命名授旗仪式在舟山某军港码头举行,列编东海舰队某作战支援舰支队侦测船大队,正式加入人民海军战斗序列。   据报道,邓稼先船是我国自行研制生产的新型海洋综合调查船,该船满载排水量6000余吨,5级海况下可进行综合调查测量作业,9级海况下可在除极地和冰区以外的任何海区安全航行,最大抗风力12级。装备有包括海洋气象观测、海洋水文调查、海洋测绘作业、调查测量辅助等多项调查测量系统,具有自动化程度较高的海洋综合调查测绘能力,作业海区跨度大,能够在不同水深、不同地理环境的海域全天候展开调查测量,标志着我国海洋调查测量事业实现了从近海向远洋,从单要素、低效率向多要素、高效率,从点、线作业向大范围的立体作业的跨越式发展,是海军实现远洋常态化调查测量的开路先锋。   邓稼先船属于636A型测量船,舷号874,由奇瑞芜湖新联造船厂建造。之前的三艘该型测量船分别为竺可桢船、钱学森船和钱三强船。目前,636A型还有两艘已经开工。相关的主题文章:

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