China visitors to Laos since driving in a car accident 13 people injured 4 people heavy injury –

China visitors to Laos since driving in a car accident 13 people injured 4 people heavier injuries – Sohu news Xinhua News Agency China in Laos Consulate General in Luang Prabang confirmed 13, 12 occurred in Laos in the northern province of Luang Namtha in a car accident, a Chinese 12 self driving tourists and other car were injured, of which 4 seriously injured. It is reported that the men China self driving tourists from Sichuan to Chengdu during the Spring Festival, driving a car license China off-road vehicle carrying 4 family to Laos self driving tour, on the way back to the 12 day morning at around 11 in the vicinity of the capital city of Luang Namtha in Luang Namtha province and a local licence for commercial vehicles collided in laos. The accident caused the Chinese tourist to be slightly injured, and his family was not injured. The 3 passengers on the 12 cars, including Lao drivers and 11 foreign tourists, were injured in varying degrees, of which the Lao drivers and the tourists were seriously injured. At present, the Consulate General in Luang Prabang has China to the China tourists to provide the necessary assistance, the local police are still in Laos that responsibility for the accident. The Chinese Consulate General reminds people of self driving tourists and other Chinese citizens in Laos, because most of the northern Laos are mountainous areas with complex traffic conditions, so they must be cautious to drive.

中国游客老挝自驾出车祸伤13人 4人伤势较重-搜狐新闻  新华社电 中国驻老挝琅勃拉邦总领馆13日证实,12日发生在老挝北部琅南塔省的一起车祸中,一名中国自驾游客及另一辆车上的12人受伤,其中4人伤势较重。  据悉,这名男性中国自驾游客来自四川成都,春节期间驾驶一辆中国牌照越野车携4位家人来老挝自驾旅游,在返程途中于12日上午11时左右在琅南塔省省会琅南塔附近与一辆老挝当地牌照商务车相撞。事故导致这名中国游客轻伤,其家人未受伤。而商务车乘客由于未系安全带,包括老挝司机和11名外籍游客在内的12名车上人员均不同程度受伤,其中老挝司机和3名游客重伤。  目前,中国驻琅勃拉邦总领馆已向上述中国游客提供了必要协助,老挝当地警方仍在认定处理事故责任。中国总领馆再次提醒在老挝境内的中国自驾游客和其他中国公民,由于老挝北部大部分都是山区,路况复杂,务必谨慎驾驶。相关的主题文章:

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