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Chinese medicine expert outpatient department after the listing date to find the name of a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is no longer difficult Chongqing Chinese medicine specialist out-patient department founded in Ming Yi Tang medicine today. Hualong network October 9th news (reporter Huang Yu) today at 17:20 (9), Chongqing City Chinese medicine expert out-patient department was formally settled in Chongqing Ming Yi Tang medicine hospital, including experts, the State Council special allowance of Chongqing Chinese Medicine Association honorary president of the horse has 39 old Chinese medicine, Professor degree will be in the clinic hours, ease the public the "difficult" problem. It is understood that in the outpatient department of traditional Chinese medicine is more than Zuozhen director level physicians of the master, in addition to MA degree Professor, deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Committee and senior experts committee of association of Chinese medicine, Weill engaged in more than 20 years of work and medical director of Chinese medicine Wang Bingru, 40 years of practice the chief physician of Huan red. There are departments of internal medicine and pediatrics, gynecology, dermatology, oncology, Department of acupuncture and physiotherapy department of geriatrics. "The Chinese pay attention to conditioning, modern people in the sub-health state, disease is very necessary." Chinese medicine expert outpatient department of the relevant responsible person said, the outpatient department can realize the remote consultation, the public can not only through the mobile phone remote video consultation and the condition of traditional Chinese medicine, some experts can also Difficult miscellaneous diseases by the remote system with Beijing and other places for consultation. At the same time, MA degree Professor studio in Chongqing also established heritage Ming Yi Tang medicine 19 Hospital experts disciple of its, will solve the pain for more people. From today, the hospital will be organized to old Chinese city communities, units to carry out a hundred love clinic.

市中医专家门诊部挂牌 日后要找名中医看病不再难 重庆市中医专家门诊部今日在铭医堂挂牌。   华龙网10月9日17时20分讯(记者 黄宇)今(9)日,重庆市中医专家门诊部正式挂牌并落户于重庆铭医堂医院,包括国务院特殊津贴专家、重庆市中医药学会名誉会长马有度教授在内的39名老中医都将在该门诊部坐诊,缓解市民“看病难”的问题。   据了解,在该门诊部坐诊的中医都是主任级医师以上的大师,除马有度教授外,还有重庆市中医药学会资深专家委员会副主任委员魏尔、从事骨伤诊疗工作20余年的主任中医师王冰如、从医40年的主任医师宦红等。科室设置有中医内科、儿科、妇科、皮肤科、肿瘤科、针灸理疗科、老年病科等。   “中医讲究调理,现代人大多处于亚健康状态下,治未病是非常有必要的。”市中医专家门诊部有关负责人说,该门诊部还可实现远程就诊,市民不仅可以通过手机远程与名中医们进行视频咨询病情,一些疑难杂症也可以通过远程系统与北京等地的专家进行会诊。   同时,马有度教授传承工作室也在重庆铭医堂医院成立,其旗下有19名专家弟子,将为更多市民解决病痛。   从今日起,该院将组织老中医到市内各社区、单位开展百场爱心义诊。相关的主题文章:

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