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UnCategorized For enhancement of their nursing skills, the nurses of the Bob Wilson Memorial Hospital, Ulysses, now have the option of doing so at the University of Kansan, Medical Center. The nurses of those rural hospitals with very few patients will be traveling to the Kansas hospital. Kansas City for short time work through a program that has been recently started by medical center. Not only does the program, give these nurses a chance to work with unfamiliar cases; but also .pensates the staff requirement of the medical center; that is short of the same. But so far the only hospital included in this program is the 35 bed Ulysses hospital. It has about 26 nurses in all, of which 12 decided to participate. Many have been there earlier where eight hour and twelve hour working shifts were rotated for 3-4 days. A nurse, who’s been working in Ulysses for the past 5 years, was quite thrilled with the program. After she flew to Kansas City, she was assigned to take care of the kidney, bone marrow and liver transplant patients and the hematology unit. The nurses are brought in by the center’s outreach plane; at also housed at the center itself. Administrator, Bob Wilson Hospital says that there is a lot of potential in the program not only for his hospital but for the neighborhood hospitals too. It makes it possible for them to work with state of the art equipment and at an advanced level. The administrator believes that the entire nursing staff will benefit as they will have access to knowledge while working with these nurses who in turn would be more in touch with the center’s equipments to improve patient care. This knowledge proves to be a big asset to the hospital. The director, nursing services also said that the program has a twofold purpose. Not only does it help in enhancing skills of worthy candidates; but also helps the center during shortage of nursing staff. According to the Medical Center it is wonderful that the nurses have fit in their schedules quite .fortably. She pointed that they were good practitioners, and performed well with only some instructions. They were well received by the staff. The importance of the use of the seven passenger outreach plane, which routinely takes doctors out to western Kansas to give educational seminars, has been rightfully pointed out by the administrators at the Medical Center. Nurses frequently drive to Kansas City from Manhattan, Fort Scott, Paola and Topeka for part time work at the medical center. Two to three nurses at one time can catch a ride in the plane on its return trips. According to one passenger, who has been a nurse in Ulysses for three years, reports that a lot of planning is required for the trip ahead of time but is worth the effort. And that’s why she’s all ready to go again, even after all the thinking and planning ahead that went into it. The nurse who has daughters, 8 and 14, said her children are supportive and want her to have the opportunity to enhance her skills. She believes that the education that has been acquired shall hopefully be brought back home for use. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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