Comprehensive treatment project will be built on both sides of the river the rudiment of Jialu

Comprehensive treatment project will be built on both sides of the river the rudiment of Jialu River Cliff landscape has now started as a source of Jialu river channel, water ecological construction in Zhengzhou city of Zhengzhou city’s top engineering prototype of Washington, Jialu River comprehensive treatment project has been the focus of many people’s attention, such as the progress of this project? It is reported that the 38 construction is like a raging fire, the blue line within the scope of repair has been completed, the green line range is off. Yesterday morning, Zheng reported financial media reporter to follow the Zhengzhou Municipal Water Affairs Bureau came to the source of comprehensive control project of the Jialu River, where the river has begun to take shape. Zheng report financial media reporter Li Lijun Wen yesterday at 10:30 in the morning, the reporter went to the west city of Victoria Lu Jia junction under the bridge, see the scene more forklift truck was digging and kept out of the dug out of the earth, littering, overgrown with weeds, it is no longer clear the main channel where the prototype here now has more than 30 meters wide river. According to the construction site China power construction Limited by Share Ltd staff, here is the Jialu River comprehensive treatment project a bid, a total length of 5.52 kilometers, involving 27, Zhongyuan District two, 9 village. This section will be built in deep river, the whole river 30 meters narrowest, the width will reach 50 meters, a depth of about 2 meters, and on both sides of the river will be built 5 to 8 meters of the road, the future can be through Zhongmu. In order to adjust the water gap, the tenders will be built, under the Tongcun Yan Tian He Cun, Chang Miao Cun, Feng Wan Cun Zheng Wan Cun, 5 block retaining dam, rebuilt 3 drainage culvert. At the scene, the reporter also learned that, due to the source of both sides of the river is 200 meters on both sides of the green hills range, here is likely to be built in the cliff landscape in future, and specific programs to find foreign experts design. Walk down along the river, the reporter saw some in the river built warehouse relocation is completed, the remaining shell for demolition, construction points are carried out in like a raging fire. "The comprehensive management of engineering construction of a total of 38 points, are under construction." Zhengzhou city water authority responsible person, currently within the scope of the Jialu river blue line wrecker basically completed, the green line is in the range off stage, mainly related to issues such as ponds. The 38 point is put into construction machinery 1122 sets of personnel 1660 people, a total of 1 million 750 thousand square excavation earthwork, filling 310 thousand square.

贾鲁河综合治理工程现雏形 河道两岸将建悬崖式景观 贾鲁河源头河道已现雏形   本报讯 作为郑州市水生态建设的开始、郑州市的头号工程,贾鲁河综合治理工程一直是许多老百姓关注的焦点,如今该工程进展如何?据悉,38个施工点正如火如荼地进行着,目前蓝线范围内的清障已基本完成,绿线范围内正在进行扫尾。昨日上午,郑报融媒记者跟随郑州市水务局来到本次贾鲁河综合治理工程的源头,这里河道已初具规模。   郑报融媒记者 李丽君 文 图   昨日上午10时30分,记者来到贾鲁河西四环交界处的桥下,看到现场多辆铲车正在挖土,大卡车不停地将挖出的土方运出,昔日乱倒垃圾、杂草丛生、已分不清主河道在哪儿的这里,现在已经具有30多米宽河道的雏形。   据在现场施工的中国电力建设股份有限公司的工作人员介绍,这里是贾鲁河综合治理工程一标段,全长5.52公里,涉及二七、中原两个区,9个村庄。该标段将建成深沟式河道,全段河道最窄处30米,最宽处将达到50米,水深约2米,而河道两边将建成5至8米的道路,将来可直通中牟。为了调水调整落差,该标段还将新建闫峒村、下田河村、常庙村、冯湾村、郑湾村等5座拦蓄水坝,重建3座排水涵洞。   在现场,记者还获悉,由于源头河道两岸是土山,两岸200米范围内绿化,这里将来有可能要建成悬崖式景观,而具体的方案还要找国外的专家进行设计。   沿着河道向下游走,记者看到一些在河道内建的仓库已搬迁完毕,剩下空架子准备拆除,不同的施工点都正在如火如荼地进行中。“整个综合治理工程共有38个施工点,都在紧张施工中。”郑州市水务局相关负责人介绍,目前贾鲁河蓝线范围内的清障基本完成,绿线范围内正处于扫尾阶段,主要涉及鱼塘等问题。38个施工点目前投入机械1122台套,人员1660人,累计开挖土方175万方,填筑31万方。相关的主题文章:

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