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Business Every country has a definite set of custom rules and regulations that govern the tariffs on the import/export of goods in China business. The Chinese people are very particular about adhering to the custom rules formulated by the federal Government for global sourcing. As far as the baggage in China business is concerned, a specified quantity of items can be imported absolutely duty free in China. The items that have a high value such as camera, .puter, television, etc., are subject to custom duty. The amount of custom duty paid by China business travelers basically depends on the value of the item in import/export. Temporary entry of display articles in China business consisting of advertising material and trade samples is permissible in the country without the payment of custom duty; especially if its value is less than RMB 200 (RMB is the currency of China). The advertising material related to the electronic products in export/import is however subjected to the custom duty as well as VAT, irrespective of their value for global sourcing. For importing a .mercial vehicle, there is a need to fill in an application form and seek permission from the customs office. The customs office at times waives off certain import license formalities in China business. It allows the overseas China business travelers to import reasonable quantities of the equipments for the sake of business. There are specific items in China business that are prohibited for exporting outside the country such as the cultural relics and items made of gold and silver. The items can be re-exported only when the clearance from the customs office has been obtained. The clearance is actually based on the declaration form submitted at the time of the import of particular items. The cultural relics in China business are a matter of concern for the customs office. The relics bought from the Chinese market get the custom clearance. However that does not happen overnight in global sourcing of China business. It is done only after checking the relics against the identification sign duly affixed by the Chinese cultural administration department. The cultural relics procured from other avenues get clearance after checking them against the cultural relics export certificate as well as the identification mark of the cultural administration department of China business. There are no well established rules regarding the import of laptop .puters in the mainland China. .puters that are equipped with the facility of a modem need an import license from the Ministry of Trade. These regulations should ideally be applicable in case of mobile phone also, but in reality they are rarely enforced in China business. To conclude, every business traveler is required to .ply with the custom rules and regulations to establish healthy relations with the Chinese people and to get success in China business and global sourcing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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