Daily trader must read 2.16 the United States and Japan continue to see more support, move up the go-stanley博士的家2

"Daily trader must read" 2.16: the United States and Japan continue to see more support to move up the gold and silver, short-term turn empty dollar, the yen bottomed bottomed high, and its bottom support also moved up substantially. Gold and silver turn into the downside, or will further decline. Please click here for Luther’s view of "dot". USD / JPY recent trend: before the move up, it’s time to watch out for the end of the dollar, the yen’s decline, or at least a gradual rebound. At present, the lower support of the exchange rate has moved up sharply from 110.90 to 113.25, and the upward goal still looks to the 115.20 level. And do not rule out the possibility of further sharp rise after the strong penetration of the 115.20 exchange rate. (US dollar yen daily chart source: FX168 financial network) precious metals gold: see below 1184.75 before saying, "gold price outlook does not rule out the possibility of further higher, as long as we can continue to stand above the 1225.30 support."." But ultimately the price of gold on the daily chart with a big line wearing 1225.30 strong, make short-term moment empty. The price of gold has a strong resistance in 1235.85, and the market does not exclude the possibility of falling to around 1184.75. (International Spot gold daily chart source: FX168 financial network) silver: before to see the next line 14.65 said "silver should focus on its can stand above the 16 mark to open up further space", and ultimately the substantial retracement of short-term market to make it turn bearish. Silver prices are currently at 15.70 key resistance repression, and there is a risk of further down to 14.65. (International Spot silver daily chart source: FX168 financial network) (author: Luther’s low-key save character) if you want to look back to show please enter [shares] discuss Sina Finance

《每日操盘必读》2.16:美 日继续看多支撑上移 金银短线转空   美元 日元如期见底飙高,其下方支撑还大幅上移。金银转瞬间转为下行,后市或将进一步走低。   《卢瑟看“点”》栏目请点击此处。   美元 日元   近期走势:支撑上移   之前说到“是应该提防美元 日元跌势完结或至少出现阶段性反弹的时候了”,美元 日元昨日果然进一步大幅飙高。   目前汇价的下方支撑已经自此前的110.90大幅上移至113.25一线,上行目标仍看至115.20水平。而且不排除汇价强穿115.20后进一步大幅走高的可能。   (美元 日元日线图 来源:FX168财经网)   贵金属   黄金:下看1184.75   之前说到“金价后市不排除进一步走高的可能,只要能继续站在1225.30支撑上方。”但最终金价在日图上以一根大阴线强穿1225.30,令其短线瞬间转空。   金价目前在1235.85有强阻,后市不排除跌至1184.75附近的可能。   (国际现货金日线图 来源:FX168财经网)   白银:下看14.65一线   之前说过“白银需要关注其能否站稳16.00关口上方以打开进一步走高的空间”,而最终的大幅回撤行情令其短线转而看空。   银价目前在15.70有关键阻力压制,后市存在着进一步回落至14.65的风险。   (国际现货银日线图 来源:FX168财经网)   作者:(低调攒人品的)卢瑟   如想回看往期节目 请 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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