Dalian strong cold air strikes, temperatures dropped sharply-9c8814

The strong cold air strikes the temperature dropped sharply in the second half of the year was a strong cold air today until early next week will affect the city, the cold air will bring strong winds and cool weather in our city. In particular, the temperature drop is relatively large at about 10 degrees, and the cooling process continues for a long time. Because of the cold air strong wind, temperature range, long duration, will adversely affect the life of the masses, transportation, construction, maritime operations, suggested that the relevant departments and the public take early prevention and response measures. Today, the city cloudy overcast with light rain at noon, with the main cold air gradually close to the north, gradually increased from 5 to 6, the temperature began to decline, the highest temperature today appears in the morning of 12 degrees, and then all the way down, until tomorrow morning the lowest temperature can reach -1 degrees; and just cool today prelude, stronger cooling still behind; and Sunday with the cold air of a stronger, the temperature will fall further, only the highest temperature is only 4 degrees, the minimum temperature is -3 DEG C. Early next week, temperatures will continue to decline in the highest temperature is likely to fall below the freezing point, the minimum temperature is -5 DEG C, the North City reached a minimum of -10 DEG C. It is increasingly cold weather city, people should do weatherization work.

大连强冷空气来袭 气温大幅下降   今年下半年最强一次强冷空气今天起到下周初将影响本市,这股冷空气将给我市带来大风和降温天气。特别是气温降幅比较大在10℃左右,而且降温过程持续的时间也长。由于此次冷空气过程风力强、降温幅度大、持续时间长,将对群众生活、交通运输、建筑施工、海上作业等造成不利影响,建议相关部门和市民提早采取防范和应对措施。   今天白天,本市阴有小雨中午转多云,随着冷空气主体逐步靠近,北风逐渐增强,在5到6级,气温也开始下降,今天的最高气温出现在早晨为12℃,然后一路下滑,到明天早晨最低气温可达-1℃;而且降温今天只是刚刚拉开序幕,更强的降温还在后面;周日随着又一股更强的冷空气补充而来,气温将进一步下滑,市区最高气温仅有4℃,最低气温为-3℃。   下周初气温还将继续下降,市区最高气温有可能会跌到冰点以下,最低气温为-5℃,北三市最低可达-10℃以下。看来滨城的天气是日趋寒冷,人们一定要做好防寒保暖的工作。相关的主题文章:

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