Dalian to strengthen the atmosphere control and determined to win the battle against the winter haze-govos

Dalian to strengthen the atmosphere control and determined to win the battle against the winter haze 20161020- CCTV Financial Review – not only the wind to disperse the haze! In October 21st, the provincial government held a teleconference on the heavily polluted weather emergency warning, requiring all localities and departments to strengthen the province’s heavy pollution weather, strictly implement the responsibility, determined to win the battle against the winter haze. The provincial government to implement the spirit of the meeting, I immediately work against haze and thorough deployment, asked the city under the immediate action, to do a comprehensive prevention and control of winter weather heavy pollution, vigorously strengthen the comprehensive improvement of coal-fired boiler, yellow car out, dust control, straw Jinshao work. Strict control of coal-burning pollution, must be completed before the end of October this year, a comprehensive renovation of 843 coal-fired boilers in the urban area at present, the city district boiler remediation tasks were completed more than 90%; while strengthening the heating period of coal quality supervision and inspection, to avoid inferior coal burning caused serious air pollution. Strict control of motor vehicle pollution, to unconventional means, unconventional approaches, unconventional energy, at the end of October before the completion of 40856 yellow car out of public security; environmental protection, strengthen cooperation, carry out special inspection of law enforcement, illegal vehicle inspection of key black smoke, pollution prevention and control into the vehicle limit line area. Strict control of dust pollution, construction, transportation and other large yard dust dust pollution supervision and inspection. Strict control of straw burning, set up five Jinshao grid in the city and county, township, village, group gradually, and signed Jinshao responsibility form; not in place for the construction of prevention and control system, the inspection system is not implemented in 13 cases, should be investigated for local governments, relevant departments, community, village autonomy organization and straw burning prevention and control personnel the responsibility.

大连全面加强大气管控 坚决打赢今冬抗霾攻坚战 20161020-央视财经评论-驱散雾霾 不能只等风! 10月21日,省政府组织召开了全省重污染天气应急工作电视电话会议,要求全省各地区、各部门要加强重污染天气的预警预报,严格落实责任,坚决打赢今冬抗霾攻坚战。为贯彻省政府会议精神,我市立即对抗霾工作进行周密部署,要求全市上下立即行动,全面做好今冬重污染天气的防控,大力加强燃煤锅炉综合整治、黄标车淘汰、扬尘管控、秸秆禁烧等工作。严控燃煤污染,今年10月底前,必须完成市区内843台燃煤锅炉综合整治,目前,市内各区锅炉整治任务均完成90%以上;同时强化采暖期用煤质量监督检查,避免燃烧劣质煤造成严重大气污染。严控机动车污染,以超常规的手段、超常规的办法、超常规的干劲,在10月底前完成40856辆黄标车淘汰;环保、公安加强配合,开展专项执法检查,重点检查冒黑烟车辆、进入污染防治限行区域的违规机动车。严控扬尘污染,加大施工、交通及堆场等大型尘源扬尘污染监督检查力度。严控秸秆焚烧,在市、县、乡、村、组逐步建立五级禁烧网格,并层层签订禁烧责任状;对防控体系建设不到位,巡查制度未落实等13种情形,要追究地方政府、相关部门、社区、村自治组织和秸秆焚烧防控工作人员的责任。相关的主题文章:

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