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Dance "Avalokitesvara" "10 words" Qiu Yan the Taiyuan modern dance "Qiu Yan word" stills Shanxi evening news (reporter Sun Yiqiong) today, the reporter from the Taiyuan City Youth Palace performing arts center, known as "the world’s classic ballet legend" dance week from October 27th to November 5th debut dragon. The performance of all week by Taiyuan dance star, covers a large dance "art master Zhang Jigang took 7 years to create the modern dance" Avalokitesvara "and the royal opera director Duncan Macfarlane in 2015 created the word" Qiu yan. Yuan Haowen’s son, "Mo Yu Qiu Yan word" with a "ask the world what love is, straight thinking", the achievements of the first place of eternal love poem and spread so far. The ballet "Qiu Yan word" on the basis of this, the eternal theme of love, the heroine of the male and female double Yan faithful grief at separation and joy in Union for the two main line, tells the story of a love story capable of evoking praises and tears. The play is directed by Duncan Macfarlane from the Royal Opera house. He worked in Teatro alla Scala, Turin opera house and other world-famous theaters in Italy. This time, Mr. Duncan took the international team to break the barriers of traditional Chinese and Western culture, and told a Chinese story in the Western way of expression, which made the audience feel fresh and fresh. It is worth mentioning that the play has the international first-class level in the stage of presentation, the holographic projection technology new pure hand painting a picture projected onto the screen to show the art of stage design points, with three curtains to create a cycle of the seasons, majestic and grand artistic effect. This is the world’s only part of the use of pure hand painting to show the expression of the miles stratus, Qianshan Twilight snow dance. With the dance of dancers, the whole stage is beautiful and touching, which makes the audience admire. Dance "Avalokitesvara" is one of the famous director Zhang Jigang, the play not only in the national tour of the full field, also went to Singapore and Malaysia to perform the upsurge of "Chinese wind" upsurge in foreign countries, the Shanxi and China dance culture and history culture abroad. The dance performance will focus on the "people first" brand, launched a lot of preferential ticket activities, so that ordinary people can enter the theater to enjoy the high performance.

舞剧《千手观音》《雁丘词》10月亮相太原   现代舞剧《雁丘词》剧照   山西晚报讯(记者 孙轶琼)今日,记者从太原市青年宫演艺中心了解到,名为“世界的经典,舞剧的传奇”舞蹈演出周将于10月27日至11月5日亮相龙城。此次演出周全部由太原舞蹈团出演,涵盖了艺术大师张继钢历时7年创作的大型舞剧《千手观音》以及英国皇家歌剧院编导邓肯・麦克法兰2015年创作的现代舞剧《雁丘词》。   元好问的《摸鱼儿・雁丘词》以一句“问世间,情为何物,直教生死相许”,成就了千古爱情第一诗的地位并流传至今。舞剧《雁丘词》在此基础上,以永恒的爱情为主题,围绕男女主人公的悲欢离合和雌雄双雁忠贞殉情两条主线,讲述了一段可歌可泣的爱情故事。该剧的编导是来自英国皇家歌剧院的邓肯・麦克法兰。他曾效力于意大利斯卡拉歌剧院、都灵歌剧院等世界著名剧院。这一次,邓肯先生携国际团队,打破传统中西方文化的壁垒,以西方的表现方式,讲述了一个中国故事,给观众耳目一新的感觉。   值得一提的是,该剧在舞台效果的呈现上具有国际一流水准,通过最新的全息投影技术将纯手绘画作一幅幅投射到分屏幕上来呈现舞美艺术,凭借三块幕布打造出气象万千、四季轮回的艺术效果。这也是全世界唯一一部利用纯手绘画作来呈现剧中要表达的万里层云、千山暮雪等舞美。配合上舞者的舞蹈,整个舞台唯美动人,令观众叹为观止。   舞剧《千手观音》是著名导演张继钢的扛鼎之作,该剧不仅在全国巡回演出时场场爆满,还远赴新加坡、马来西亚等地进行演出,在国外掀起了一股“中华风”的热潮,使得山西乃至中国的舞蹈文化和厚重的历史文化走出国门。   此次舞蹈展演,将着重打亲民牌,推出了很多优惠购票活动,让普通百姓也能走进剧场欣赏到高规格的演出。相关的主题文章:

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