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UnCategorized In an effort to prevent pirating and other forms of malicious activity, the makers of Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War 2 have set up a deal with Steamworks for game authentication. This choice will have two major impacts on players of this RTS (Real Time Strategy Game) – it means that you must download Steam onto your computer and you must have Steam running if you want to play the single or multiplayer game. In addition to helping Relic keep cheaters and thieves from playing their game, there do appear to be other benefits as well. According to Jonny Ebber, the lead designer behind Dawn of War 2, Steam will "[offer] so many advantages for the player. Gamers who purchase the game and register with Steam can install the game on as many PCs as they want, can play online or offline and no CD is required to play. Best of all, if the player ever loses the CD, the game can be downloaded for free from Steam." These are certainly advantages that most gamers will certainly be happy about. CDs are notorious for getting scratched and having this happen can make playing games impossible. There is nothing more frustrating than never being able to advance past a certain stage in your game because a long, deep scratch has scarred your CD. In this case, adopting Steam has provided a great benefit to users. Another important benefit gained is the ability to automatically update to the most recent version of a game. This is especially useful for those who will use the Dawn of War 2 multiplayer extensively. In order to find games to play, both player must have the same version of the game. Having it occur automatically is great for users. There is, however, a downside to this. Sometimes players do not appreciate the changes made in patches to a game and being forced to patch a game could provide a game experience that they find unacceptable and unnecessary. It will also become more difficult to find patch notes since the player isn’t forced to go to the source of the patch in order to download for use on their game. Finally, some individuals will appreciate the ability to download the games content directly from the internet since this will cut down on trash and having to travel to the store to buy a copy. However, others will become frustrated with the slow rate of download that they have to sit through in order to play the game that they just bought. CDs definitely load faster than most internet connections download. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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