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Don’t look down on the world’s best-selling brand 6 Chinese car car car Sohu – Sohu [map] China agency car market, seems to have been a joint venture brand brand development difficult lord it over others. However, in recent years, many independent models with good original design and high cost, won the reputation of consumers, not only in the domestic market to create a good sales, but also the success of the world. In the first half of 2016, the global sales list, there are 6 Chinese cars on the list, below to look at these models. No.1: the first half of 2016 sales of Wuling Hongguang: 294313 global sales ranking: 13 while on Wuling Hongguang in autumn mountain legend purely ridicule, but had to admit the Wuling brand in the minds of consumers recognition is quite high, cheap and easy to use is its greatest strengths, and the appearance of new models is not bad, so whether at home or abroad, who often need to pull up the goods owner will love it. No.2: Harvard H6 the first half of 2016 sales: 240253 global sales ranking: 23 is China hover H6 SUV market sales Wang, SUV list long occupied the top position, is the configuration of the appearance of the atmosphere, and kind of materials work are the reasons for its popularity, the other space is not bad, good enough power. With a good reputation for a long time, although there are many than Harvard H6 do good SUV, but it’s really not to sell. No.3 Bao Jun: the first half of 2016 sales of 174529 vehicles: global sales rank: 39 Po Chun 560 is a relatively young models, but also a brilliant car, with the appearance of design, the original kind of configuration and low-cost strategy to win the consumers. The only regret is that there is no automatic models. No.4: GAC trumpchi GS: the first half of 2016 sales of 150795 vehicles worldwide sales rank: 56 now independent brand SUV is improved rapidly, ranked 559th before the list of GAC trumpchi GS has soared to 56. The car Tu Jun believes that the GAC trumpchi GS appearance design is very beautiful, and the configuration is not bad. Recommended to buy 200T manual Deluxe edition. No.5: Po Chun 7302016 years sales in the first half: 144095 global sales ranking: 61 and 730 Baojun Baojun 560 together to create a lot of sales miracle, but recently have declined. Po Chun 730 is also higher cost line models, able to capture those economic consumer groups, invincible in the domestic MPV market. No.6: Imperial EC7 first half of 2016 sales of 107765 vehicles: global sales ranking: 93 imperial EC7 is a compact sedan only that several models, it is not easy. Geely Dorsett new high quality and high price is its advantage, but also need to further enhance the brand strength. In domestic.相关的主题文章:

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