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Stuck – Nlp And The Medical Community Posted By: jameshopes Emma James MABNLP MATLTA MAHYP Dip FTST IHHTT Emma is a leading NLP Hypnosis and TLT Trainer in the UK with ground breaking new courses in <a href Emma James MABNLP MATLTA MAHYP Not Achieving Your Goals? Its Up To You Now. Posted By: jameshopes Think about it. What is it that has stopped you from achieving your goals? Well, we can blame many things including finance, education, circumstance, social standing and so many other things. Ultimately, the reasons why we have not achieved our goals or are floundering on the way towards them are solely down to us. The choices we made as we were growing up, the limitations we put on ourselves on what we were capable of and of course the conditions imposed on us from others in our formative years and what they thought we could achieve. The difference is that no matter where you are in life right now, you can still make that difference. It is still possible to make your goals in life now become reality and be the person you always knew you could be. During the NLP courses I teach, many students say they cannot have what they wish as they are restricted by family, money etc. In every instance we have always found a way either through negotiation, change, shift in perspective or pure motivation.Emma James Training specializes in NLP Courses for therapeut Emma James Training specializes in NLP Courses for therapeut 相关的主题文章:

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