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Writing-and-Speaking Funerals are very emotional events and one of the most heartbreaking moments is when you are asked to deliver a eulogy speech, especially if it is at the funeral of a loved one. Many people find it hard to keep their emotions in check when delivering a eulogy speech. This is nothing unusual. However, there are several measures you can take to ensure that you are able to deliver a eulogy that is not only fitting but appropriate. If you are asked to speak at the funeral of a loved one, especially a family member, it would be advisable to prepare your speech beforehand. While you may like to speak from the heart and do it in an impromptu style, you may wish to have notes handy so that you don’t lose your train of thought midway. Before you even begin to write your eulogy, take some time to think about what it is you would like to say. How would you like for people to remember the deceased? If you would like for them to be remembered for their achievements, then make a note of these. However, if you would like your eulogy to be more a tribute to their memory, then you may wish to share stories of how the deceased had touched so many lives. On the other hand, you can always opt for a life history approach. This usually offers information known only to the immediate family and closest friends. It can be anything from how the deceased had always longed to be a doctor but could not stand the sight of blood or even that he was in fact adopted at a very young age. When writing a eulogy, you would do well to keep it short. Three to five minutes should suffice. It is also advisable to write down all that you would like to say, rehearse your speech a couple of times beforehand and then prepare a typewritten note, just in case. The next thing to remember is that a eulogy should always focus on the life and never the death. In the case of long-term sufferers, you may have been a primary caregiver and hence witnessed the person fading away right before your very eyes. However much you would like to talk about these final years, restrain yourself. It does no good to those already saddened by his death. Focus instead on how much the deceased had enjoyed his life. Whether he was an avid traveler, if he loved to cook or even if he was a keen painter, be sure to speak about the good years when he was able to do all that he enjoyed. Should the day .e and you find yourself unable to carry out the delivery of the eulogy, prepare to have someone take over from you. This is another reason why it is handy to have a prepared speech at the ready. The family will understand that you are unable to speak due to a rush of emotion but will appreciate the fact that you had thought of an alternative solution, thus saving them from having to think of who they can call upon at such short notice to fill in for you. When you do deliver your eulogy, speak clearly and slowly, and be sure to let your love for the deceased shine through your every word. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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