Feather son with your tour of Fiji mana Tourism Resort – Sohu ca1871

Feather son with your tour of Fiji MANA Tourism Resort – Sohu in Fiji, the first ray of sunshine in the world here, chasing the sun maybe some past life, this life not abandon the colorful sea, ripples mountain forests, towering wonders say BULA, sweet encounter paradise, happiness is coming in mind: each went to an Island feel people there lived a simple life, even if not rich, but they enjoy their own happiness; and every time I would like to have a impulse to resign, but not too realistic. I was encouraged to return to the island to redouble their efforts, and then toward their next Island goal forward. This year’s Olympic Games opening ceremony, turn on the TV and see the Fiji team, on behalf of the athletes is not much, but let me remember them in their country, very interesting is the man wearing a skirt wearing a flower, then began to look forward to their country in the end is an island like, and before I go what is different, like a riddle. Without any strategy, even a lot of people ask me where I was wrong in Fiji, New Zealand, but later learned that in the New Zealand top latitude. So, a week’s trip to Fiji was over, I went to the sea island of Fiji is a project of the most countries, but also play the project is different, cross-country, diving, exploration and so on, more than and 300 small island hopping tour also let you dazzling, journey to travel according to their own needs and time to adjust, everything is love vacation through customer service channel order, also revel in Fiji qisehai, must write a strategy to record this time travel. This mystery, the real mystery. My free booking of island wine is in Shenzhen love travel network (my trip: Fiji 4 hours earlier than Beijing time). Hongkong Fiji FJ3922016 October 10th, 16:55. Fiji: October 11th, local 07:05, flight time 10 hours and 10 minutes. Fiji – Hongkong October 17th FJ3912016, 08:20. Arrived in Hongkong: October 17th, 14:50, flight time 10 hours and 30 minutes. DAY1: at Nadi airport, the airport, and then cruise 1.5 hours to arrive at the MANA resort, after the arrival of free activities. DAY2:Seaspray day cruise. to participate in the "island life" tour. DAY3: left MANA resort back to Nadi, and then go to lunch in the evening PEARL NANUKU resort, resort. DAY4:Navua River safari. in navua cr. a tour, "Anaconda" shooting. DAY5: 3 hours drive from PEARL resort to YATULE resort. DAY6: in the YATULE resort free activities, one of the world’s ten most beautiful beaches in here, you can also sign up for the hotel and other adventure activities. DAl相关的主题文章:

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