Feng Fei, vice governor of Zhejiang Province, vice president of happiness Huang Xuming resign melia kreiling

Happy husband Feng Fei, vice governor of Zhejiang province   Huang Xuming resigned as deputy governor positions — local leaders — people.com.cn people.com.cn August 26 Beijing Xinhua (Tang Jiayi) according to Zhejiang online news, this morning, Zhejiang Province, the twelve NPC Standing Committee thirty-second meeting held in Hangzhou, review by the relevant personnel appointment and dismissal. The meeting decided to appoint: Feng Fei, happy husband, deputy governor of Zhejiang Provincial People’s government. At the same time, decided to accept the resignation of Huang Xuming, vice governor of Provincial People’s government duties, reported the fifth session of the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress for the record. According to the people’s Bank of local leaders database shows that Feng Fei had served as Deputy Minister of the Ministry of industry, happy husband served as chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial Communications Group, Party secretary. Huang Xuming, vice chairman of the CPPCC Zhejiang. Comrade Feng Fei resume Feng Fei, male, Han nationality, born in December 1962, Jiangxi, Duchang. In July 1985 joined the Communist Party of China, in October 1991 to participate in the work of graduate education, PhD, researcher. In 1981.09 Tianjin University Department of automation of electric power system and automation professional learning, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees, 1991.11 doctoral studies in electrical engineering in Tsinghua University Department of Electrical Engineering (1991.11 hired as assistant researcher) 1993.09 working in the research department of the State Council Development Research Center of technology and economy, served as director of assistant professor, associate professor, deputy director of research, second room second room (1994 as a visiting research at University of Toronto in Canada and Carleton University) 1998.11 in the work of the State Council Development Research Center of industrial economics research department, served as the person in charge (1999.09 hired as a researcher), deputy minister, minister, he served as the national strategic emerging industry expert group deputy leader, director of the National 863 Program experts committee of industry and information technology 2014.01 Department of industrial policy department 2015.10 industry Vice Minister of the Ministry of information and 2016.08 party members, vice governor of Zhejiang province (people.com.cn data as of August 2016) resume of Gao Xingfu happy happy husband husband, male, born in 1963, professor level senior engineer, doctor of management. Former Zhejiang provincial construction director of Refco Group Ltd, deputy general manager, Party committee, the Provincial Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. vice chairman, general manager and Party committee, chairman and party secretary of the provincial construction investment group limited. The chairman, vice governor of Zhejiang province 2015.01 transportation group Party Secretary of Zhejiang province 2016.08 (people.com.cn information as of August 2016) more channel original more personnel click query related news and more information on local leaders:   (commissioning editor: Tang Jiayi, Xu Donger)相关的主题文章:

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