Final Fantasy 15 must play before the Raiders game system analysis magicq

"Final Fantasy 15" must play before the Raiders game system analysis of Final Fantasy 15 area SE away from the open world RPG masterpiece "Final Fantasy 15 (Final Fantasy XV)" a month listed, all the big news is followed. After the game the news earlier today platen and the new CG trailer released, and now there is a massive new information comes, the introduction of relevant information about magic system, summon demons, nocturnal and travel system. "Fire and ice and lightning magic fire, ice and lightning formed a" basic 15 "Final Fantasy Magic game system, you can use the magic bottle to absorb elements and find adventure to purify magic; but also through the combination of magic and items will be cleaned and not just elements. To increase the recovery effect of minor injury. By mixing these three elements, you will be able to use a variety of magic. Besides, Noctis is not the only one who can use magic. · many places in the field of the absorbing element can be absorbed into the elements, the following two shots show that Noctis is the element of fire and ice absorption element on the screen, the absorption of ice elements and also have the corresponding elements of lightning. We use chemical purification element. So you can cast the lightning magic, also can use healing magic to cure Noctis and his companions. So as to Noctis’s companions, elements of magic can be set in their "secondary weapon elements magic" slot, the figure you can see the fire as Igor Kniss set. There are hundreds of elements in the final fantasy 15, when you can find the elements and create your own magic. The Lord of the rings: death spell spell – ring is only a ring Ring of the use nock Atlantis Lucii can cast magic, the magic has many kinds, but this is mainly about "death". "Death" can absorb the enemy’s HP, the longer the magic cast time, the enemy will be more fragile, until finally dissipated in the air. The devil – when the night falls, known as the "Devil (Daemon)" powerful monsters will appear, they have overwhelming force and HP, using normal method is impossible to overcome them. Because you don’t have to work hard with them, so go down to the bottom of the ladder. This navigation Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. Final fantasy 15 – travel area here is the new information about the travel system, you will be of great advantage in the adventure of "Final Fantasy 15" in the world. · travel quickly if you have reached a certain location, then you can travel back to the place quickly. If you don’t have enough time to play, it’s very useful. C; ·.相关的主题文章:

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