Foreign sports star Ai Fukuhara PK Chinese northeast chamber Ann will ancient dragon-candy boy

Foreign sports star Chinese PK northeast of Ai Fukuhara Ann Ai Fukuhara is the ancient dragon cavity will not foreign sports star Chinese first? Japanese table tennis champion Ai Fukuhara in the "double 11" no "chop hand", but the show reached level ten of the northeast. She forwarded the ITTF on social platforms inventory table tennis happy couple, happy to put on behalf of the German team of the Northeast friend Sun Zhenqi called "Lady", the crowd of netizens exclaimed, "this is probably the history of northeast words is" black "was the most miserable time." In addition to Ai Fukuhara, the international sports in recent years appeared again in fluent Chinese quickly became popular Chinese Danish badminton men’s singles star Ann cellon. In any case, we all learn Chinese trend, more than two of the Chinese level is absolutely first-rate in the international arena. Ai Fukuhara "black" friends "Lady" ridicule northeast words level ten because at the age of 10 to the northeast of learning table tennis, guide their long-time coach Tang Yuanyuan from Liaoning, has also repeatedly joined Liaoning Nvping Table Tennis Super League campaign, Ai Fukuhara trained a invincible North East. Chinese accepted the media interview, Ai Fukuhara doesn’t need a translation, one year to participate in the competition in the northeast, by the local TV reporter asked whether know the northeast dialect word "what" "what", she slowly corrected: "should say ‘do’." Since the opening of the micro-blog, Ai Fukuhara’s lovely outspoken personality through the text and pictures have been further show. She was drying out of a peach, is intended to boast a peach is very beautiful, tall, wrote: "the results from the last will get back the peach so beautiful, just like my ass." Later, unconsciously, and hastened to add: I’m sorry, I opened a joke, it seems not too humorous Oh, so embarrassed ah." After the Olympic Games in Rio, Ai Fukuhara and Chinese Taipei team’s marriage to Jiang Hongjie, her micro-blog content has gradually become a sweet married life, has been more than 2 million. Ai Fukuhara not only spoke with a heavy accent, even the words are no exception, she regretfully wrote: "training tired shampoo and liquid soap doesn’t know, or should I say:" oh my mama, Zezheng? "" The International Table Tennis Federation recently inventory of 5 of Pingtan happy couple, in addition to Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie, Portugal and Sun Zhenqi Apollonia of the German team is also on the list. Ai Fukuhara stay in Germany for most of the time to accompany her husband in the game, so she became a good friend with sun. See friends on the list, small love happily forward micro-blog and attached text: "remember? The last time in Germany invited us to eat the old women. My best friend in the northeast!" Netizens who saw this "old women" have expressed stunned, because the derogatory words in Northeast china. In fact, as early as Ai Fukuhara had made with Sun Zhenqi’s intimate photo, she also joked: "Liaoning is a friend of Fuxin, her husband is Portuguese, her husband often said we married women." To celebrate the Olympic bronze medal. Chinese four test Cellon "abusive" recently, Ai Fukuhara participate in business activities in Shanghai that I love Chinese character and相关的主题文章:

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