Former NVC chairman Wu Changjiang yesterday tried accused of misappropriation of funds over 9

Former NVC chairman Wu Changjiang yesterday tried   accused of misappropriation of funds over 900 million — energy — original title: former NVC chairman Wu Changjiang trial yesterday accused of misappropriation of funds over 900 million and 9 months on the morning of 1, the former NVC chairman Wu Changjiang alleged misappropriation of funds, embezzlement duties; Chen Yan (Wu Changjiang, chairman of NVC’s assistant) suspected of the crime of misappropriation of funds in the case of Guangdong Province, Huizhou City Intermediate People’s court. The "daily economic news" reporter at 8:40 in the morning rushed to the court, the court litigation guide told reporters, "a lot of people are concerned, if the two criminal court seat, may be moved to the first floor of the court". The reporter understands, Wu Changjiang NVC accused of misappropriation of funds totaling 902 million yuan. As of press time reporter, the case is still under trial. Court said the trial is expected to take two days to complete. The loan for the construction of "NVC building" the indictment said the 5 companies through its actual control Wu Changjiang, using Chinese deposit as collateral to the NVC, has a total of 3 banks for liquidity loans 902 million yuan. It is worth noting that Wu Changjiang’s defense lawyer said the 902 million yuan may include the use of short-term borrowing funds. Wu Changjiang said in the courtroom, the total loan for the construction of real estate projects "NVC building". It is said that the agreement with Chongqing municipal government, if reached 1 billion yuan investment in Chongqing City, in addition to enjoy the preferential routine of the government of Chongqing, but also get extra tax, executives and concessions, the Chongqing municipal building will give priority to the use of NVC products, and the government should be allowed to sell to NVC a good location. The board of directors authorized NVC investment amount is only 200 million yuan. This is NVC to enjoy the preferential policies of investment of 1 billion yuan from the standard. Therefore, Wu Changjiang think through a "is not against the board, but also can reach the standard of investment" way to achieve the government’s preferential policies, the investment in the construction of the NVC building". It is worth noting that, "the construction of the main building NVC" for Chongqing Wuji Real Estate Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Chongqing Wuji), the legal representative for Wu Changjiang’s ex-wife Wu Lian, ultimate control in the hands of Wu Changjiang, there is no subordinate relationship with NVC, only for the joint venture. In other words, "all income and NVC NVC building" arising from the independent. Wu Changjiang also said Chongqing was "continuously building NVC" trademark license from NVC to NVC, and preferred office rental building. But this compromise approach did not last as Wu Changjiang may, the indictment said, "because Wu Changjiang is unable to repay the loan, resulting in the above 3 banks will be 557 million yuan deposit China NVC company forced to deduct." When the judge asked whether Wu Changjiang is willing to return the funds of listed companies, Wu Changjiang suddenly increased voice, "I never thought of occupation of funds of listed companies, I always want to repay." Another focus of suspicion of embezzlement of company property is the 13 million 700 thousand trial, the indictment said Wu Changjiang respectively in 2014, 2011 during the two occupation of NVC holding system of the company amounted to 13 million 700 thousand yuan. 2014, heavy)相关的主题文章:

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