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From the electricity supplier "double 11" only half of the courier company a monthly salary of 8 thousand people original title: Express recruiting urge relatives of Qi from the "double 11" the electricity supplier Carnival in less than half a month’s time, the Beijing morning news reporter recently interviewed found that the number of courier companies began early in August and September to recruit "– the courier points are posted the paid employment". Many express companies are in the way of campus promotion and social intermediary, for the temporary courier, while calling for the courier’s family members and friends and family together. Express a salary of 8000 recruitment this year is the "double 11" eighth year. Last year, only Tmall, Taobao in November 11th the same day hit a turnover of 91 billion 200 million yuan and a total of 467 million logistics orders. China Express association is expected this year, double 11 of the data will be refreshed again, courier industry wide volume of business or will reach 1 billion 50 million, an increase of 35% over the same period last year. The courier company, after years of "double 11" "baptism", now the site construction, equipment upgrades, data support has made a big step, but the end of the distribution of pressure still exists. Beijing Morning Post reporter visited found that a number of courier companies have posted the recruitment of courier courier, and there is no limit. Most are out of the monthly salary of 5000 yuan to $7000, and some outlets posted a monthly 6000 yuan to 8000 yuan. SF operations department responsible person, full-time staff recruitment has been normal, from August to now bring up thousands of people. The temporary staff reserves are more than 3 thousand, including those working hours, school personnel, short work study students, is also part of the staff to bring family and friends. According to reports, the SF temporary staff salaries are hourly, this year in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of temporary workers, for the first time to adopt the "extraction", also is the work piece wage. Enable automatic equipment in order to improve the efficiency of sorting, SF EXPRESS express rhyme in the "double 11" enabled automatic sorting equipment. Full automatic sorting equipment of SF Beijing logistics park started in August, with more than 4 pieces per hour, more than the original artificial doubling, good equipment is the largest artificial province. "It may take 200 people to do the work, now only about 30 people". In addition, the accuracy of manual sorting is about 95%, according to this calculation, if there are 10 million single express every day, of which there are 500 thousand single error may be to a single cost of $2 per day will be a loss of 1 million yuan. The use of automatic sorting line, sorting accuracy close to 100%. Rhyme courier relevant responsible person said that this year the "double 11" period, the rhyme whole network distribution center will be equipped with 300 front desk automatic collection system, the distribution network single recipient Taiwan received speed per hour to 2500, compared with the traditional model to improve more than doubled. In addition, rhyme in the last mile and the end of 100 meters to take a variety of forms of service, including self built stores, convenience stores, intelligent courier cabinet 2相关的主题文章:

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