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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Looking for a power battery back for your camera flash? Today I will introduce you two kinds of Godox portable power battery pack. 1. GODOX PB960 Power Source External Battery Pack for Nikon Speedlight Flash Godox power battery pack for Nikon is a high performance external power supply box, dual output for powering two flashes at the same time without reducing recycling time. It takes only 1 s to charge Canon 580 EX II, Nikon SB900 and Sony F58AM flashes at maximum power and working duration. You can charge them simply by replacing the plug-in connector cable. It is ideal for News reports, wedding celebrations, and outdoor portraits. Product Features: 1, Strong power: high-capacity lithium battery, AC charger only 3 hours 2, Widely .patible for Canon, Nikon, Nikon SB900, SonyF58AM, Godox and other set-top flash charging (need to reprovision the corresponding terminal cable) 3, Unique Dual independent power output, two lights power supply at the same , call back rate will not fall, removable battery pack, 2 battery box interactive use, 4, Recycling time: it takes only one second to charge Canon 580EX II, Nikon SB900, Sony F58AM flashes at maximum power. 5, LED display: LED panel is simple, the entire display the remaining capacity and work state, with tips for low power or high temperature. 6, Lightweight portable, stylish, .pact structure, with strap buckle and strap, .es with easy to use, convenient shooting… 2. Godox PROPAC PB820 Power Battery Pack for Canon 580EX II 580EX 550EX Flash This godox power battery pack for canon , as a professional power supply product, is designed to charge speedlites with external power input ports (such as flash products form Canon, Nikon, Sony, Nissin, and Yongnuo etc.) and provides power supply for continuous lights. It is easy to take along with your trip. Product Features: 1, the use of Godox PB820 power pack that can fit Canon 580EXII, Nikon SB900 and Sony F58AM three flashes charging time of only one second at maximum power, full power flash about 250-300 times, which greatly improves the efficiency and the use of shooting time. 2, product .patibility, and only just replace the dial-pluggable terminal connector cable. 3, Godox PB820 power pack uses CPU control circuit, with software and hardware protect two kinds of protective measures, the shell adopts high temperature resistant nylon material, the product is more safe and reliable. 4, Godox PB820 power pack charger and cable terminals is .patible with Quantum products. The Godox battery pack provides increased external power to your camera flash and reduces flash recycling time and increases the total number of flashes, is very suitable for using in continuous flash. About the Author: , camera accessories, studio lighting equipment, outdoor equipment, consumer electronics and other more with lower price. 12 Month Warranty. Be professional shop online and save money to live better. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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