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Alternative Famous celebrities who’ve been in the industry and have made their marks in Hollywood may look immortal due to the contributions they’ve given in the industry. Nonetheless, as much as you want to believe that they are immortal; cancer sneaks up and takes their lives. In this article, the author wishes to impart a tale to every cancer patient whos reading this, that if we take their stories to heart it is possible to survive whatever cancer you have. 1. George Harrison – one of the most famous Beatle members who died due to throat cancer. He was clinically determined to have throat cancer in 1997 after a lump on his neck was seen. He said that it could be the result of his intense smoking practices from 1960s to 1980s. Being one of the quietest Beatle members, Harrison went through a successful treatment of radiotherapy in May 2001. In July 2001, it was reported a brain tumor was found during a trip to a clinic in Switzerland. He denied the matter or brain tumor. However, the media did not stop reporting in July 22, 2001 that Harrison was close to death as a result of his cancer. In November 2001, Daily mail reported that Harrison had merely a month to live. He soon started radiotherapy for lung cancer which spread from his brain days after the news was reported, and he died November 29, 2001 at his Hollywood Hills mansion at the age of 58. In his death certificate, the reason for death was metastatic non-small cell lung cancer. 2. Farah Fawcett – was an American actress who first came out as a private eye in the 1976 series Charlies Angels. Fawcett had multiple Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominations that made her very famous. However, everyone knows that cancer doesnt discriminate; even if you have| multiple Golden Globe and Emmy Awards nominations. She was identified as having anal cancer in 2006. She started having her chemotherapy and had a surgery the moment she found out her cancer. On her 60th birthday celebration, she declared she was at the stage of being cancer-free. In May 2007, Fawcett brought a small digital video camera to record her doctors visit, by then her doctor explained to her that she had again a malignant polyp. She eventually flew to Germany to try out alternative cancer treatments. In 2009, she returned to the United States and explained to everyone that her cancer already metastasized to her liver. She was then reported to be ill, and months later she eventually passed away around 9:28am on 25 June 2009 in the ICU of St Johns Health Center in Santa Monica, California. 3. Sigmund Freud – is a world renowned Austrian neurologist. If you can recall, he was often photographed holding a cigar. He is also a medical researcher that found out cocaine was a stimulant plus analgesic. He considered that cocaine was a remedy for mental and physical troubles. He was diagnosed with having oral cancer in 1939. Going through severe pain and suffering, Freud was convinced to conclude his life soon after reading Honore de Balzacs – La Peau de chagrin in one sitting. He .mitted suicide on 23rd of September 1939. His body was cremated three days following his death. These famous people had excellent contributions to the industry of music, medicine and entertainment. Even so, cancer sneaked up and took their lives. If you are someone who is mistreating yourself by doing too much work, and engaging in undesirable habits, you’ve to pick up a lesson from all of these famous people. No matter how popular, rich and stunning you are, if you dont know just how to take good proper care of yourself, you have a high chance of cancer and other types of diseases. Learn to shield and love yourself; prefer to live your life with a healthy mind, and body. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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