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UnCategorized Are you being tormented by the fact that you are quite happy with your career but don’t like your colleagues? Many people in such a situation tend to let these conflicts with co-workers ruin their prospects of career development. They .e to the conclusion that going in for a career change is the only solution to their problems. If you too are thinking on these lines, it is likely that you would also want to know about other options available. It is possible that in your office you may have to face threats to your career planning from a single colleague or a number of them. The types of problems are innumerable, ranging from mere irritating dress code to sexual harassment. Whatever may be the case with you, one thing is certain: these challenges to your career management goals can be sorted out by following a few easy steps discussed below. You will get rid of your problem, retain your job and restore a friendly atmosphere at your workplace. Initially you should classify your problems according to their seriousness. You can handle a small career conflict by yourself whereas a more serious one may demand a stronger action to be taken. So a private chat with the problem person may be a good step to begin with. One particular point may be mentioned in this respect. While assessing your problem you should always take all the circumstances into account. The first thing that you should keep in mind while conversing with this particular coworker who has be.e a problem for you is that you should do it very amicably. A slightly aggressive attitude may make the situation worse and jeopardize your own career planning. If the inability of your colleague to achieve targets in time causes your problem, you may offer to help him out with the drafting of a schedule. In the case of more serious career problems like harassment, whether sexual or not, you should resort to a different type of action. You may begin by stopping all sorts of conversation with them. Sometimes .plete lack of interaction may ward off the problem. However, if you feel your personal safety is being seriously threatened by the co-worker or workers, you may consider talking to your superior immediately. Talking to a superior on such a matter is always a very delicate issue. It is tantamount to a .plaint, and could be bad for your career. So you must be very careful while doing this. Only in such cases where you fail to sort out the problem by yourself, where a private chat with the particular coworker does not prove fruitful, can you take this step. And that too when the problem is serious enough, like if you have to carry the coworker’s load continuously while they neglect their duty, or their negligence in handling delicate .pany papers. Involving superiors in smaller issues may well prove to be harmful for your own career advancement. It can create a negative impression about you. So always apply your own judgment in such cases. The points discussed above are some of the ways to tackle the mischief your coworker may be up to. But in the end it should always be remembered that using your own judgment is the most important thing while dealing with such problems. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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