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UnCategorized Many Americans deal with arthritis pain every day. Sometimes the pain is just a little stiffness and aching in the joints. Other times, the arthritis is sharp and painful. In some cases, the arthritis can be.e so debilitating that everyday activities be.e impossible to handle. So what do you do to prevent arthritis from ruining your life? Crochet for Health – When arthritis strikes the hands, the joints can be.e stiff and painful. They can swell up and limit your ability to take care of yourself. Buttons be.e difficult, can openers can be impossible to use, and simple activities like buttering toast can be.e impossible. The easiest thing you can do to keep your joints flexible is crocheting. The repetitive activity keeps the joints in your hands both flexible and strong. As an added benefit, you get to create beautiful items. Crochet for Charity – The best thing you can do for your joints is use them and learning to crochet does more than work your joints. You can give back to your .munity by crocheting. Hospitals need blankets and hats for the newborns. And those precious preemies always need more baby blankets as they stay in the hospital for prolonged visits. In addition to crocheting baby items, you can crochet little squares. There are organizations that take the little squares and piece them together to make quilts. Some organizations include: "Hugs and Hope – They mail care packages to very ill children and their families. "A Small Victory – They make burial gowns for miscarried and stillborn babies. "Angels Crafting for Charity – They make a variety of items for many people including the homeless and women’s shelters. "ASPCA – They need all sizes of blankets for the pets they rescue. "Bev’s LDS Humanitarian Page – They too give items to those in need. Additionally, they make leprosy bandages along with dolls. "Binky Patrol – They collect blankets and quilts for abandoned children, foster kids, and children born with HIV. The list of charities that use crocheted items is almost endless. To find more places, do a Google search on "Crocheting for Charity." Whatever you are interested in, you will find a charity that matches. Seeking Professional Help – When arthritis starts to interfere with your ability to .plete activities of daily living, you will need to seek professional care. A medical doctor may be able to prescribe medication specifically designed for arthritis. In some cases, they may prescribe generic pain medication but this should not be used long term. Additionally, you may seek the help of a chiropractic team. Chiropractors can help align the bones that may be causing joint pain. In addition, they can work with a team to help you gain long term control of your arthritis. This may include: "Nutritional Counseling – There are many supplements that can help repair damage and help treat manage pain. "Physical Therapy – When arthritis pain effects more than just the hands, additional activities are required to keep the joints strong and flexible. "Massage Therapy – A professional massage does more than relax the muscles – it has been shown to reduce chronic pain. Generally, arthritis does not go away – but its progression can stop. Therefore, it is imperative to act now. The sooner you start treating the arthritis, the more likely you will experience relief. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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