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Reference-and-Education Samuel Schottenfeld has played a significant role as a Young Life Counselor giving 100% dedication and support for children and teens in setting structures and helping students in their growth and development. Being a part of life counseling association, Samuel Schottenfeld has volunteered for programs that add to his passion for working with children and teens, helping them grow spiritually, emotionally and socially. He has attended Milton HS in Milton, GA and completed his graduation in 2010. During his schooling period, he mentored other students schooling between elementary and high schools as part of Young Life Association. Samuel Schottenfeld has performed a range of duties that vary according to programmed activities. He is responsible and works well with teens while planning interactive and educational activities and managing time with individuals and groups. A multi-faceted personality, Samuel Schottenfeld has excellent skills to support and encourage students in setting and achieving goals. His core competencies are a genuine acceptance of people without judgment focused listening to their problems regarding life and guiding them in their tough sides of lives. With his true spirit to work for the society, Sam has participated in Habitat for Humanity as a senior in High school. A personable and outgoing individual, Samuel Schottenfeld is always there for his friends when they are in need. As an important part of his all-rounder personality, Samuel has always been interested in sports. Games like Frisbee golf and regular golf are among his favorites. Even though he has a busy schedule as a student, he manages time to play a game of golf with his friends and family as the game connects him with nature. He helps beginners by suggesting them the right playing techniques and instructs his fellow players so that they can also add to their game. Snow skiing is another enlivening activity for Sam Schottenfeld to relish time. He loves the thrilling game of skiing and also advises his friends on mastering skills of snow skiing for a safe experience. By sparing time for hard core snow skiing practice, Sam becomes able to perform with perfection. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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