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Henan straw Jinshao exams welcome found 1 ignition button 500 thousand – financial capital Beijing Henan straw Jinshao usher exams found a point deduction of 500 thousand financial CNR net Zhengzhou on October 8th news (Henan station reporter Wen Xiaolei) according to the China sound "center wide news" report, "San Qiu" is continuing to advance, the straw burning in the final examination, Henan for the discovery of straw theignition area, will at least deduct 500 thousand of financial funds, while out of 80 million yuan for the comprehensive utilization of straw. Henan province put forward by the county (city or district) as a unit, each straw ignition point, the provincial finance directly withhold relevant county (city, district) 500 thousand yuan of financial funds; funds except for cities and counties buckle reward, all the rest into the air pollution control funds to co-ordinate the use of. In addition, the discovery of straw burning fire point, will be with the provincial finance department, the Department of agriculture, the environmental protection agency deducted the fourth quarter of this year and next year’s special funds. For working poor, out of control, the system useless, appear straw burning fire point of Party committee and government leading cadres, not only must be reported to the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department of the provincial cities and counties directly accountable to the local Party committee and government, but also ordered to start the accountability mechanism. Henan will also come up with 80 million of the financial resources for the comprehensive utilization of straw, mainly straw return. Is expected to be 2-3 years of pilot work, come up with a set of experience can be replicated in the province, learning. Will implement the "Yijiangdaibu" fiscal policy, the use of advanced technology to promote the comprehensive promotion, straw, straw fertilizer, straw feed, straw fuel and industrial raw materials, straw straw mushroom base material industrialization. In order to achieve harmless return of straw, we need to increase capital investment. At present, the government departments at all levels in Henan have also taken some measures, first, subsidies for straw returning to the field, the two is to subsidize agricultural machinery.相关的主题文章:

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