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Quit-Smoking If you or someone you know is suffering from alcoholism, you know how controlling and harmful an addiction can be. There are many ways to treat an alcohol addiction but not every alcohol cure offers the same results. The best sustainable cure is one that is provided by a professional medical drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that offers a holistic and integrated approach. Holistic approach Holistic simply means that the body is treated as whole. All systems are interconnected-physical, mental, and emotional. Taking a pill will not solve an addiction and neither will counseling as a stand-alone plan. A successful alcohol cure program encompasses all aspects of medicine to treat the mind, body, and spirit together. First and foremost, a successful program will diagnose the individual and identify the unique cause or causes of the individuals addiction. With this knowledge, the doctors can then provide an integrated plan of care personalized for that individual targeting the specifics of that individuals addiction. Integrated care It cannot be said enough that treating an alcohol addiction is not a one-treatment or one-size fits all task. Counseling and support groups are an important part of an alcohol cure but they are only a piece of the puzzle to success. Research shows that alcohol dependence can create actual chemical changes in the brain. Thus, integrated care begins with a medical diagnosis using brain scans and advanced diagnosis systems. The treatment program may incorporate any number of state of the art technology such as brain mapping, SPECT or brain scans, and neuro and biofeedback to measure the progress and effectiveness of an individuals rehabilitation. The goal is to address the brain functions and create positive changes in the brain. Integration of counseling, therapy, and education are an important part of the treatment plan. Finding and treating the individuals underlying cause or causes of his or her addiction are the keys to success with a holistic, integrated program. Technology can help us do today what we could not do twenty, thirty, forty years ago. With advanced neuroscience technology, we can see how the brain is functioning, where it is not functioning well, and address the chemical imbalances caused by the alcohol dependence. If you or someone you know is seeking treatment for alcoholism, find a neuroscience institute with imaging technology that can help accurately diagnose and treat the underlying causes of the addiction. The best chance for an alcohol cure is one that provides an integrated, holistic approach. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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