Hotel Room Vs. Timeshare

Travel-and-Leisure Hmmm, let’s see a cramped hotel room with the kids bouncing from bed to bed or a spacious home with separate bedrooms? Where would you rather stay on your next vacation? Sure, a hotel may be fine if you’re traveling solo or with a partner. But what about families with kids? Or groups of four or more who like to vacation together? A condo at a timeshare resort is the ideal solution. Get More Sleeping Space Great for families No need to rent extra hotel rooms to ac.modate family and friends! Timeshares have Full Kitchens Save money, gain privacy & eat more healthily! And eating some meals at your new home makes dining out more fun! Invest in Your Future Vacations & Protect Against Rising Inflation Rates – According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (USA Today February 6, 2006), this year’s projected hotel room rate increase of nearly 6% reflects the continuing imbalance between the limited supply of available hotel rooms and high traveler demand. Why not lock into your future vacations at today’s prices? Invest in Your Family & Loved Ones When you buy a timeshare, you and your family will vacation every year! You’re making time to be with your family and loved ones! Build those family vacation memories! Size Matters The average timeshare resort condo gives you about 5 times more room than a hotel room! Here’s the math: Hotel Room = 240 sq ft. Typical Condo = 1,100 sq ft Vacationing With Family If you’ve ever crammed your family into a hotel room, you know what it’s like. By the time you get the kids to sleep, you can forget about any nightlife or grownup time after hours. Splitting up into separate hotel rooms is costly and worrisome the kids are on their own in the next room, but you can’t easily check on them and how do you keep em away from all those $10 candy bars in the mini-fridge? Vacationing With Friends If you like to vacation together with friends or family, you can all fit .fortably and have your privacy in a spacious, furnished home. The typical resort condo has at least 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living/dining area and a full kitchen. And you can prepare and enjoy meals at home a great way to socialize and save money. Activities For Everyone When it .es to amenities, timeshares win hands-down. Hotels often have a pool and a game room, but timeshare resorts give you a much wider range of family and group activities to enjoy. Whether you prefer sunshine or snow, you can easily find something fun to do. For children, there are activities like arts and crafts, pool games, mini golf, movie nights, biking and much more! Many timeshare resorts also have their own private beach, tennis courts or golf courses (in fact, many are world class!). And you’ll discover that you’re often just a short jump from theme and water parks, ski resorts, fishing, shopping and national parks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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