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Meditation Meditation sessions are fantastic to help you manage and balance your day-to-day life. One of the important elements you can include as part of your meditation session is incense and for a beginner this really is an important tool and can make the difference between a successful meditation session and an unsuccessful meditation session. Humans have five core senses including touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell. Each sense plays a role in keeping your mind active and playing a role in the way you feel. The brain takes each of the sensory inputs from these senses and defines how you are going to react to your surrounding. For example, research has found that certain types of music influences the way shoppers will actually purchase products. One research organisation found that Baroque Music played at 60 beats per minute will infact influence shoppers to spend an additional 38% in their shops. Further to this the use of incense during a meditation session can in fact make a huge difference between a successful meditation session simply because the incense will influence the sense of smell. The most important thing you can do is to choose the right incense type. Let us take a moment to look at the different types of incense choices. I should note one thing, that there are many different incense choices which will influence your choice of incense. #1 Starting Out Lavender Fragrance and Incense When you are starting out with meditation you will often be stressed, tense and all those other horrible feelings and the best type of incense to start out with is Lavender. There are many theory’s as to why lavender is a create start off tool but the bottom line we have learnt that it relaxes you and distresses you. So, when starting out use the lavender incense in either a stick or powder form. The best incense type from a safety point of you is the stick incense. If you choose to use the powder incense type make sure that you put sand over the incense once you have finished using it. #2 Inducing Sleep Violet or Jasmine Incense If your meditation session is to help induce sleep, then whilst incense may help the process of relaxation, the best type of incense to consider is the violet or jasmine incense. #3 Sexual Energy Rose, Gardenia or Orange Blossoms If your meditation session is with your partner to help increase sexual desire and passion, then the best type of incense is Rose, Gardenia or Orange Blossoms. More so, if you are trying to use meditation to help sexual desire then in conjunction with the incense look at using fragrance oils as well to help spark the feeling of passion. #4 Mood Enhancement Fruity Fragrances Mood enhancement incenses like fruity scents will help your mood. For example if you are feeling down then using fruit based oils and incenses like berries, bananas, melons, plum and apricot will enhance your internal mood. Might I also say your partners as well. #5 Energy Enhancements Citrus Fragrances If your meditations are about getting that much needed energy and freshening the mind then the citrus fruit incense is the choice for you. You need to consider incense like bergamot, mandarins, orange, apple and even grapefruit. Even Citronella is a fantastic citrus scent for this meditation type plus it repels the moths and more importantly the mosquitos. #6 The Sweet Smell Enhancements Vanilla Fragrances Sweet smell enhancements like coffee and peppermint can make a huge difference to your meditation session. The key reason we use these types of incense is simply to enhance our feelings. These also help bring forward clarity and stimulation and energy. One word of warning though, be careful with some herbs and spices. Some herbs and spices can form foul smelling odours when burned and more so, some spices can be poisonous. Choosing the right incense can make a huge difference towards a successful meditation session. When you are starting out then the best incense you should be using is Lavender but if you have mastered the basics then you could even try out a .bination of these incense types. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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