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Internet-and-Business-Online You can make money from blogging. Yes, you can! You can pay your bills and it can work for everyone. You have nothing to be concerned or worried about. I can tell you that in blogging you don"t have to be a .puter whiz to make money online. But what you do need is determination. This is what that separates the winners from the losers. You can be one of the winners by just following these simple steps which I will give you below. There is no secret to uncover and you just really need to know how to get started and find which blogging framework suites you. Once you have one small success under your belt, learn from it and duplicate it! Now, these are the steps that can help you to make money through blogging. 1.You must set up a blogging account- You have the websites like blogger.. and wordpress.. where you can start setting up your account and write a blog that matches your major ideas for your content. (by the way, you must make sure to read their terms and conditions. Other than the two websites I gave above, there are many other blogging platforms out there. Just look around and choose the best one that suites your style. 2.Think about 3-5 topics that you know a lot about or the things that you are passionate about. These can be your hobbies, a career or something else that you have a specific knowledge. 3.Now Research these topics. You can start with a keyword research, where you can use Google"s external keyword research tool to find out if people are searching for that topic too. This will give you excellent information and will greatly assist you to focus on the keywords to use in your campaign. 4.Do some research on how many sites out there that are actually using your main keywords. Just do a regular Google search around the specific keyword or phrase. 5.Narrow down your niche into a smaller and smaller and more specific sub-niche. For example, weight loss is a broad niche while lose weight in 2 weeks is more specific niche. 6.Now write some content for your blog for your intended audience. You can visit forum websites and observe what they are talking about on any issues they have. Once you know what they are thinking and talking about, then you, can respond and give them helpful information in your blog Give them useful information but also leave them wanting to find out more! 7.Provide answers that solve the problems or issues of your readers. If you find that many people need a solution for a certain problem, then you can write it down and start looking for products and services out there which are easily found on the internet that solve with that particular problem and respond by adding it to your blog 8.Put affiliate links in your blog. This is the last step and this is the one that will make you money online. Once you have found a product or service, you can do an internet search for .panies that provide products such as Clickbank and get an affiliate link. With affiliate links, you will be making a percentage .mission every time someone clicks the link in your blog and makes a purchase Now, can you see the potential in.e in blogging? If you will just apply what you have read in this article, you definitely get extra cash in your pocket! So, get to it! Make your own blog, and start making money! For more FREE information please click on the link in the resources box below. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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