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.puters-and-Technology Power tool batteries that are rechargeable can develop a memory if they aren’t used often or used to their full charge. Once a battery develops memory it can seem to be fully charged but when you use the tool, the battery will be dead within a few minutes. This is an annoying feature of rechargable power tool batteries that you can fix in just a few days with a couple of simple steps. Try charging the battery in question with another charger, if one is available. Over time, the circuitry in the charger can be.e less effective. Chargers are typically priced at less than the cost of a single battery. If this does not revive the battery, it will need to be replaced. If it does revive the battery, order a new charger and save yourself some money. Upgrade to lithium if it is available for your tool. Ask if the maker builds both lithium and NiCad batteries that will fit your tool. Lithium batteries charge faster, carry a longer charge, and can be recharged more frequently over a longer period of time. They are also lighter. The cost will be higher, but this is usually offset by the longer life of the lithium batteries. Charge your new batteries .pletely before using them in the tool. Store batteries with their plastic caps in place to cover the electric connectors to maintain the charge and prolong battery life. Call the tool’s manufacturer and ask if the battery is under warranty. Most manufacturers offer at least a one-year warranty. If the battery is not under warranty, order replacement from the manufacturer to save money over retail pricing .Give the model number and voltage of the battery. Run the tool with the battery in the morning. If it will run the tool, use it until it goes .pletely dead. By doing this, you are essentially erasing the memory in the battery and deleting the false empty cycle of the battery. Keep turning on your power tool and letting it run until it stops as many times as you can get it to operate. Leave it to rest for about five minutes each time it stops. The power tool runs slower and for shorter periods each time. Eventually it won’t run and your NiCad battery is fully discharged. Following this procedure has broken the crystals down so your battery will hold more energy. Put your battery on to charge in the usual way. Leave it to fully charge. It takes much longer than before as the battery is revived and absorbs more power. Remove the battery from the charger once charged. Use your revived battery in your power tool and you will find that it lasts considerably longer. Charge your NiCad power tool battery in the usual way until the charger indicates that the battery is full. Your charger either has a light that illuminates while the battery is charging and goes out once charged, or a light that illuminates to indicate the battery is charged. Remove from the charger. Open the hood of your car and locate the battery. It should have one red anode and one blue or black anode on the top. The red anode is positive and the blue or black one is negative. The anodes should also have plus and minus signs on top or next to the appropriate anode. Touch the red cord clamp to the positive drill battery anode and the black to the negative anode. Hold the clamps in place for no more than 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, drop the cords 1 foot from the battery. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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